Carefully crafted and in a variety of styles, our bar stools are priced for any budget. Use this buying guide at-a-glance overview to find the right style for you.

Choose a Unique Style

Vintage, contemporary or somewhere in between? You’ll find bar stools to comfortably elevate your taste.

Maximum comfort for minimalist tastes.

Modern Bar Stools

With timeless designs, these stools complement all decor.

Traditional Bar Stools

Where comfort and sleekness are tastefully served.

Contemporary Bar Stools

The height of elegance for the every day.

Choose a Well-Crafted Profile


Sit for hours on comfortably cushioned upholstery.


Sliding neatly under tables and counters, backless bar stools are great for smaller spaces


Easy to get on and off, swivel bar stools turn 180 or 360 degrees

Choose a Height

To determine the proper height for your bar stools, simply measure from the floor to the underside of the table or counter. Counter-height bar stools fit tables and counters 35″ to 37″ high. Pub-height bar stools fit tables 41″ to 43″ high.

How Many?

Measure the width of the counter or pub table. Include 6″ to 10″ of space between each stool so you feel more relaxed rather than crowded.

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