For many of us, our bathrooms are a place to unwind after a long day and, of course, get clean! But it can feel overwhelming when your bathroom is a cluttered mess. At Ashley, we have everything you need to get your bathroom in order without ever compromising on style.

Whether you’re searching for unique, affordable pieces that show off your personality or looking to splurge on quality, fashion-forward items to complete your vision, you’ll find it all at Ashley.

Decluttering can take a lot out of you, and sometimes you need a little nudge to get started. That’s why we’re sharing our top bathroom storage ideas and tips to maximize and transform your bathroom into your ideal space.

How to Reduce Clutter in a Bathroom

Reducing clutter is often a top priority for many when designing a stylish yet practical space. We all want to feel calm and relaxed as we wash the day off. The simple trick is properly utilizing your space and having a designated spot for all your necessities. It’s easy to get your bathroom in order with a few key tips and functional pieces.

Bathroom organizers are a lifesaver to keep your space tidy. And we have some vital recommendations to use them to their full potential. There’s a bathroom organizer for everything, from makeup to toilet paper.

Bathroom stands with multiple tiers, like our Three Tiered Bathroom Stand, are ideal for adding subtle charm while keeping your things organized. Each level can be used for all your towels, bath supplies, and toiletry needs.

Another of our favorite bathroom hacks is using large baskets, like our Bankuan Braided Oval Toilet Paper Basket, for storage. Not only are baskets practical, but they add an effortless rustic flair to your space.

Small organizers and hanging baskets make for discreet under-bathroom sink storage ideas. Declutter your countertop by keeping daily essentials like your blow dryer, curling iron, or shaver stored under the sink. Tired of digging around for your favorite lipstick? A countertop cosmetic organizer is a superb addition to keep your makeup organized and at arm’s reach.

Small Bathroom Storage Ideas

Small bathrooms often aren’t ideal. But don’t worry! Our small bathroom storage ideas can make any tight space feel more open. With small bathrooms, you always want to maximize vertical space and remember that idle space can serve multiple purposes. That means incorporating storage essentials like over-the-toilet space savers, shelves, and wall racks. Always opt for tall and narrow pieces instead of short and wide.

For small bathrooms, shelves are a necessity. Bathroom shelves are the perfect spot for everything from decor items like trendy ornaments, plants, or your favorite candle to more practical things like toilet paper or hand towels.

Tall storage towers are ideal in any unused corner to hold toiletries, towels, or paper supplies. Lacking counter space? Wall mirrors with shelves can easily solve this problem with extra space for your comb, brush, or other small daily essentials.

In a small bathroom, your walls are your best friend. One of our favorite bathroom wall storage ideas is using wall racks with basket storage. You can utilize every inch of space by using hooks to hang your towels, storing linens in the baskets, and adorning the free space at the top with your favorite decor.

Bathroom Towel Storage Ideas

Here’s an often overlooked but simple way to maximize space in your bathroom: Neatly fold or roll your bath towels. You’ll always want to keep them in a dry, cool place away from steam. Don’t worry if you don’t have a bathroom closet. With shelves, baskets, and hooks, bathroom towel storage ideas are endless.

Towel hooks are a simple, inexpensive way to create space for everyone in the family to hang their towel. They’re also easy to find and fun to personalize, so you’ll never have to worry about which towel is yours.

Baskets are a great spot to store clean towels if you’re lacking a linen closet. A multi-tier storage chest like our Safavieh 6-Tier Storage Chest is a beautiful place to keep your bathroom towels and linens. The multiple woven baskets bring a charming aesthetic to your space, with practicality at the forefront.

How to Hide Personal Items in a Bathroom

A key trick to always maintaining a tidy bathroom is hiding personal items. Just because you use these items daily doesn’t mean you need to see them. Avoid clutter by pulling your personal items out when you need them. Then return them to their special, discreet spot.

Utilizing closet space, drawers, and cabinets are some of our favorite bathroom cabinet storage ideas. Closets are the most obvious space to hide personal items like linens and towels. Bathroom cabinets keep all your daily personal items out of sight, perfect to store your everyday toiletries, brush, comb, and makeup. Even under-the-counter cabinets are great for organizing personal items or cleaning supplies in drawers, caddies, or wire baskets.

And don’t forget over-the-door storage. Our Southern Enterprises 3-Tier Over-the-Door Storage can hold your not-so-glamorous items, like cleaning supplies or linens, and can be easily hung on the inside of your closet to remain hidden. Have a bit of space under your freestanding sink or vanity? Use it as storage space by adding a few baskets and an elegant curtain to hide what’s behind.

It’s always wonderful to walk into a room and instantly feel relaxed and comfortable. Organizing your bathroom and reducing clutter may take some time and planning. Still, everyone could use a bit more organization in their lives.

Whether your bathroom is massive or a tiny space, you can maximize your room and showcase your personality through thoughtful organization. We hope these bathroom storage ideas inspire you to elevate your space into the bathroom of your dreams.

Ready to awaken your inner interior designer? Dive into your creativity and incorporate some of our tips and tricks for maintaining a clutter-free bathroom.