We can’t get enough of cool fall weather, and we have become obsessed with creating seasonal spaces throughout the home. We’ve all left toasty days of summer behind to make room for chilly evenings that should be spent in fresh air. So grab your apple cider or hot coco and bring your family outside before you have to break out the winter Parka!

Get inspired to re-imagine your patio area to maximize your outdoor space for the season. Find everything you need for an autumnal evening around the fire (marshmallows and apple cider not included).

Benefits of Being Outside this Fall

Spending more time outside can boost your mood and potentially fight off any winter blues. You receive the Vitamin D your body needs from exposure to light, even if it’s a cloudy day. Just be sure to use sunscreen when going outside! Breaking your routine and enjoying the weather can also help prevent cabin fever, even if you just allocate 30 minutes a day to being outside — which is beneficial for anyone who lives with roommates or family members. 

Being out in the fresh air can also help your immunity! A study showed that people who spent time outdoors showed reduced levels of key hormones related to stress. To read more about the benefits of going outside during the fall, click here.

Fall Outdoor Activities

Grab your sweaters and have some fun. There are tons of seasonal activities to make your fall even more festive and full of enjoyment for the whole family. Here are a few of our favorites that fit right in your backyard. 

Outdoor Movie Night

Leave the recliners behind and take movie night outside. Find a fall-themed film to keep the spirit of the season going. Spooky movies are still appropriate, even after Halloween. And if your family can’t seem to agree on a selection, we suggest a duel of rock, paper, scissors. Prepare for this cozy movie night with a DIY theatre experience by draping a white sheet with clothing wire. Blankets are also a must to stay warm after the sun has disappeared for the day. 

Camping and Stargazing

Yosemite? Never heard of that. A fun staycation idea is creating a campsite in your backyard for an evening of stargazing. And since it’s fall, you don’t have to worry about summertime humidity! This is a great option for beginners who want to test drive the experience without committing their weekend to a remote location without cell service, or if you have a family with young ones. For the stargazing portion of the evening, try downloading an app like SkyView, which uses augmented reality to show you the current night’s sky. It helps you identify the stars and constellations you can see based on your location. Sounds out of this world.

Fall-Themed Picnic

A picnic is by far the tastiest activity to partake in this season. Enjoy your afternoon snack time in a revamped outdoor area and bring some seasonal eats to your backyard. For this, we recommend using real dishes instead of disposable options to keep the fun eco-friendly.

One of our favorite picnic offerings is a charcuterie board, which can be filled with delicious cheeses like brie and cheddar. You can add seasonal fruits like pears and grapes to create depth in your tasting palette. Complete the bite with a drizzle of honey and bon appetit!

You can also do an apple dessert bar for your kids or family members with a sweet tooth. Apples are the fruit of the season, and your grocery store is probably stocked with honeycrisp and pink lady varieties, which would go perfectly. Use a muffin tin to store and display toppings like chocolate chips, nuts and crushed graham crackers. Offer sauces like caramel and hot fudge to take things to the next level. 

An Elegant Dining Experience

You don’t need to look up reviews for a five-star restaurant… just look out the window. Your backyard has a beautiful ambiance for a dining space. There’s nothing like a scenic view while enjoying a home-cooked meal, or one you’ve ordered for takeout we’re not judging!

Investing time in renovating your patio or deck to include an outdoor dining area is investing in shared memories with loved ones. It’s laughs around the table. Or lunch spent in the sunshine. You can also pick out a bench for those occasions where you need extra seating. We also suggest a spacious table that fits everyone’s favorites.

Decorate the space with candles that emulate the glow of golden hour even after the sun has set. You can also achieve a romantic look with string lights. The stars are practically within your reach as you enjoy your meal and quality time with family.  

Stay Cozy and Organized

Blankets are a seasonal essential for your indoor and outdoor spaces. Store these necessities in a bench with a lift-top compartment to keep the area clear when you are done with your fall festivities! Just be sure you regularly clean textiles that are exposed to the outside. This will prevent accelerated aging of the material and mildew buildup.

Outdoor pillows and cushions will elevate the comfort and the style of your seating area. Cushions can be an easy way to add a pop of color to furniture pieces you already love! And personally, we’ve never rejected an invitation to an outdoor pillow fight. Our comments are open! 

Grab the Marshmallows

As temperatures begin to dip, discover additions that transform your campfire favorites. A fire pit table is a multifunctional piece that will keep everything toasty, especially your s’mores. Bring spooky stories around the fire into the 21st century with a stylish table. Pair with outdoor dining chairs that complete the look. These tables also come with covers, so you don’t have to worry about accidents. Browse our assortment of fire pit tables to find the style that goes with your outdoor area and really heats up the space. 

Enjoy the crisp fall weather by taking your day to day activities outside. Throw on your favorite sweater and fuzzy socks to spend time outside in a way that brings you all kinds of seasonal fun.

We’d love to see how you transform your outdoor space and create new memories in your home. You can share it with us by tagging #MyAshleyHome on Instagram. We might even feature the photo on our feed! You can also find more inspiration for any home project on our Pinterest board.