Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to shower the one you love with an extra special gift. And if you’re tired of giving the status quo (not that we don’t all love chocolates and flowers) this year, we’ve gathered up the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

When giving a gift to someone you love for Valentine’s Day, the goal is to make them feel cared about and to showcase how well you know their taste. Whether it is a brand new recliner for your hubby or a cozy throw for your favorite lady, we’ve compiled the ultimate gift-giving guide for the season of love. So settle in and get ready to find the perfect “I love you” gift in our complete Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Before we dive into our top Valentine’s Day gifts, let’s answer the question everyone has, “What gifts should be given on Valentine’s Day?” The reality is that no matter what your budget is or who your beau is, a Valentine’s Day gift should always be focused on providing an item, event, or memory that demonstrates your love for your loved one.

Rather than feeling stressed out when Valentine’s Day rolls around – worrying about whether or not you’ll pick the perfect gift, focus instead on how your beloved best receives a message of love. For some, that’s a big extravagant gift, and for others, that’s a small gesture. Ultimately, any Valentine’s Day gift-giving guide should be all about love.

We’ve broken down our guide into two main categories:

  • Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him
  • Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

However, keep in mind that which gifts the special someone in your life will love depends a lot on who they are and their own preferences. Don’t be afraid to snag something off either list.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

Shopping for the man in your life can be a true challenge. Especially if you have often thought, “He has it all!” If you aren’t sure which gift will make the guy in your life feel like the star of the day, our Valentine’s Day gift guide for him is the perfect place to start. Check out our top Valentine’s Day gifts for him, where we share a combination of gift ideas, and feel inspired as you creatively look for the perfect expression of your heart.

A “His” Movie Night & the Composer Dual Recliner

What says romance like an evening snuggled at home watching your guy’s favorite flicks? This combo gift is one part movie night and one part forever comfort. The Composer power recliner features a headrest that will allow your loved one to recline in comfort. The extended ottoman offers the ultimate room for stretching out after a long day of work. Not only that, but the ultra-cool lattice stitching provides a touch of style to your living space, while ambient LED lighting creates a full theater-style experience. Add a big red bow and let your man know that  for tonight, the remote is his! Queue up his favorite movies and TV shows. Pop some popcorn and spend Valentine’s Day enjoying the luxury of home.

A Sports Streaming Subscription & the Fan’s Choice Gamer Chair

If your man is all about cheering on his favorite team, this is the combo gift for you. Surprise the love of your life with a year-long sports channel subscription to stream his favorite teams 365 days a year. Pair this with a Fan’s Choice Gamer chair featuring the logo of his favorite team. Not only will this chair show his team spirit, but the oversized gaming chair will offer the ultimate comfort as he chills at his desk replaying each referee call.

A Monthly Beer Box Subscription & the TRINITY Outdoor Stainless Steel Cooler with Shelf

If your significant other is all about cracking open a cold brewski, then this is the perfect combo. Find a monthly beer box subscription that delivers new craft beers directly to his doorstep. Pair this with the TRINITY outdoor stainless steel cooler. This 80-quart cooler features a raised design with wheels and a built-in bottle opener and cap catcher. Extra lower level storage offers the perfect spot for pint glasses, snacks, and refills.

A Nostalgia Snack Box & the Arcade 1UP Atari 12-IN-1 Legacy Edition Arcade Cabinet

Take your loved one back in time with the Arcade1Up Atari Legacy Edition arcade machine and a curated snack box featuring the best snacks from his childhood. Featuring 12 epic games, including Asteroids, Centipede, and Tempest, your Valentine can blast back to the past and beat high scores of old while munching on the snacks he loved most as a kid.

A New Record & the Crosley Musician Entertainment Center

For the audiophile and record enthusiast, this is the perfect pairing. Pick up the record your guy has been itching to add to his collection and pair it with the Crosley Musician Entertainment Center. This three-speed turntable is housed in a stunning and masculine hardwood cabinet finished with rich veneers. Modern technology meets vintage design with a CD player, cassette deck, AM/FM radio, and built-in Bluetooth receiver.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

When you’re shopping for a special lady in your life, you’re probably asking yourself, “What can you give instead of flowers on Valentine’s Day?” While the lovely woman you care about may enjoy the classics, there is nothing wrong with wanting to up your game and wow her this year. If so, our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her is the answer you seek. Pick one or pick multiple, but create the perfect combination of gifts with our top Valentine’s Day gifts for her.

An Evening Out & the Kensley Butterfly Vanity Set

If the woman of your dreams enjoys a fancy night out, by all means, book the reservations. But this year, instead of simply taking her out for a night on the town, surprise her first with the Kensley Butterfly Vanity Set. This vanity will be the perfect place for her to get ready for the evening out. With a flip-top mirror, your lady will be able to touch up her makeup and store her array of cosmetics, jewelry, and skincare supplies in ample drawers. She’ll love the beautifully upholstered stool, giving her the perfect place to prepare for a beautiful evening out.

A New Set of Earrings & the Honey Can Do 8-Inch Jewelry Stand For Earrings and Rings

A pair of earrings are a classic, timeless Valentine’s Day gift. This year, pick out a gorgeous pair of earrings paired with this decorative jewelry stand. The girl of your heart will love the ample room for safely organizing multiple sets of earrings and rings. This will be the gift that continues to hold each treasured piece of jewelry you purchase for her.

A Rom-Com Night & the Safavieh Coco Tips Throw

If your lovely lady prefers a cozy night in over a crowded night out, then this is the gift set for you. Create an endearing coupon letting your lady know that she has full movie-right picks for the evening. Indulge in a romantic comedy or her favorite flick and surprise her with the luxurious and cozy Safaveiah Coco Tips Throw. This soft and seductive faux fur throw is the perfect alluring Valentine’s Day gift.

A Cosmetic Subscription Box & the Home Accents LED Cosmetic Mirror

You might not know your way around the makeup aisle, and that’s perfectly fine. For this combination gift, sign up your lady for a monthly cosmetics subscription box. Pair the new monthly supply of goodies with a Home Accents LED Cosmetic Mirror. This mirror pairs a minimalist design and an elegant chrome polish finish, providing the perfect place for her to try on all her new cosmetic gems.

A Favorite Read & the Azio USB Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard

Do you have a literary love? If your significant other is passionate about reading novels and typing up her own works, this combo will be a sure win. Browse a local bookstore and find a romantic novel or a book you know she’s been dying to dive into. Pair it with the Azio USB Retro Classic Mechanical Keyboard to inspire her own inner muse. This stunning keyboard pairs the past with the present. Designed with a copper-tone finish, this keyboard features round mechanical keys that are designed to mimic the tactile “click” reminiscent of a classic typewriter.

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts

No matter who you are and who you love, we’ve laid out some of our best Valentine’s Day gifts and ideas. But don’t stop here. Keep these tips in mind as you look for the ideal gift to tell the one you care about, “Be Mine.”

  • Add a personal touch: Ultimately, it isn’t about how much you spend or what dinner reservation you land. Valentine’s Day is about showing someone that you know them and care about who they are. Make sure to personalize your gift. Add a handwritten note, get crafty and create your own card, or design personalized coupons offering fun date ideas.
  • Be bold: It’s easy to fall back on the classics, and they are classics for a reason. However, this Valentine’s Day, don’t limit yourself to the usual gifts. Try something new and express the heart behind your gift idea.
  • Don’t limit the love: Valentine’s Day might have a romantic focus, but that doesn’t mean you can’t express how much you care to anyone on Valentine’s Day. Take any excuse to tell someone in your world how much they mean to you. For example, you could give your mom a plush heart pillow or your best friend a new piece of wall art, simply to say, “Hey, I love you!”

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Now that you’ve discovered all the best ideas through our gift guide for Valentine’s Day, be sure to shop our curated selection of the top Valentine’s Day gifts.