The world of interior trends is ever-evolving according to society’s views. If society wants to slow down and declutter, we may see minimalism begin to trend. On the other hand, a maximalist trend is possible if people want to speed up with a sensory overload. As a result, the task of keeping your space fashionable can become quite the challenging or exciting journey, depending on how you view creativity. Capture the zeitgeist with this list of what’s currently trending in home furnishings.


Take a step back from technology and indulge the senses with boho style. Mix colors, patterns, and textures of global design to achieve an eclectic look.

Abstract Florals

Say goodbye to cookie-cutter floral patterns. The new florals are all about painterly abstraction.

water colored floral patterned white comforter set on a bed with a white shag rug on the floor in front.

elegant cherry blossom rendering with abstract scripting wall art set

Intricate Metals

Hammered metal and other metals with a hand-touched, artisan look are coveted. Take a moment to appreciate the craftsmanship.

Copper metal trays stacked together on a white background.


Luxury Dining

Family gatherings are in style. Give your dining room the look of luxury with the best upholstery, wood work, and metallic finishes.

Formal dining room and chairs with intricate details in the wood in a rustic like setting.

Gray sleek and glamorous dining room table with a gray and white patterned rug.


Greenery continues to trend strongly in terms of color and actual plants. It adds freshness and energy to even the most neutral rooms. Many houseplants are also useful for purifying the air.


Organic forms and tropical leaves bring an island feel into your household.

large blue palm tree patterned rug green palm tree large rug

Slate Gray

We just can’t get enough of gray. Slate is now the shade of the hour.

Lounge Chairs

Slide back and relax in style on the perfect lounge chair in your living space, sitting area, or bedroom.

brown leather lounge chair with a side table next to it with a white lamp.

Blue fabric accent chair with an end table and lamp, and bamboo tree next to it.

Natural Wood

Reconnect with nature and bring the outdoors inside with beautiful, natural wood.

Contemporary black and brown queen bedroom set with dresser and night stand


Like gray, blue just keeps getting better and better. Add cobalt, teal, and aqua into the mix for on-trend appeal.

Outdoor Living

Extend your living room or dining space outside with the addition of stylish outdoor furniture.

Aqua patterned rug

Outdoor sectional with matching pillows and table in a garden.

outdoor table and chair with built in fire place ona dock overlooking the beach


Commonly referred to as “Millennial Pink,” this hue is making us blush. It adds a sophisticated, soft touch to any room.

Modern Farmhouse

Blend sleek lines and geometric design with weathered wood for an updated farmhouse look.

Farmhouse chic befroom with bed, dressar and nightstand with rustic artwork and a neutral rug.

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