Everyone enjoys getting together with family and friends. However, maybe you feel as though your tiny space limits you from entertaining. Well it’s time to push those thoughts aside and start bringing your loved ones together. Follow these easy steps and your gathering is sure to be a hit!

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PREP PREP PREP. It’s important to prepare as much as possible before your party begins to help you enjoy time with your guests. Plan out appetizers and a main course that can be assembled ahead of time and just need to be reheated. This will allow you to have everything cleaned up before your guests start arriving – no one likes walking into a pile of dirty dishes!

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SPREAD OUT. Traffic flow is vital when entertaining in a limited space. Spread out appetizers and drink stations throughout your home. Utilize all surface spaces such as coffee tables, side tables, even shelves to create extra serving space. This will move guests throughout your home, without everyone congregating in the kitchen.

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SIMPLIFY. With space being valuable, make sure to remove unneeded clutter. Remove your everyday appliances from your countertops, such as toasters and coffee makers to allow for more work space. Also, for extra decorations, remember less is more. Add a few banners to not take up surface space or add string lights to help create ambiance. Designate a place for guests to place their belongings – a spare bedroom typically does the trick!

GO INFORMAL. Don’t stress about having a formal sit down dinner. Instead, let guests sit where they’d like and socialize amongst each other. Make sure all seating options are available – utilize ottomans, dining benches and our favorite, poufs! This will also allow you to use your dining table as a serving area. Mix and match serving dishes with different heights to make for a great display. This will also remove the need for a centerpiece.

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DON’T SWEAT. When entertaining, things may not go quite like you had planned, but as long as there are good food, drinks and conversation your guests are guaranteed to have a great time. And one last piece of advice, be sure to crank down the A/C before guests arrive−no one likes a party where everyone is sweating. Your guests’ comfort should always be top priority!