There are so many reasons to celebrate, from welcoming a new baby into the family or getting together with friends to watch the big game. Gathering with loved ones is indeed one of life’s greatest joys. Do you find yourself wanting to host but feel like your home isn’t big enough to accommodate guests? Fret not! We’re here to help you make your wishes come true with our tips on maximizing your space for entertaining. After checking out these ideas to make the most of your home, we think you’ll agree that no space is too small to design a beautiful gathering with loved ones.

Make Room for Entertaining

A few simple home alterations can better utilize your space and accommodate guests. For example, making the most of empty wall space can go a long way, even if just used for storage. If you don’t already have a coat rack, add hooks by the door so that guests have a place to put their personal belongings. Shelving can serve as a good place to store guests’ additional items. A stacked shoe rack can free up the entryway even more. Choose slim profile seating and storage from our small space living room furniture that matches your modern aesthetic. Once you’ve added a few new landing pads for guests’ jackets and bags you can assess the room for unnecessary items. Remove things you don’t use daily or don’t serve a purpose during your gathering. That way, you can make room for our recommended items that will make your party go smoothly.

When opening your home to loved ones, there are a few simple steps that can increase a space’s usability. For a gathering, it’s nice to have a couple of options where people can hang out and talk. Whether you’re hosting a trivia night or a craft party, it’s important to have designated areas for different activities. Clear out items from a few nooks so that folks can tuck in without crowding entryways.

Small Space Furniture to Help You Maximize Space

Efficiently utilizing space is key, and it doesn’t have to be difficult. Commonsense additions such as purchasing a solid place for guests to set down their drinks and plates will take you a long way. Start by deciding on the table piece you want to arrange the seating around, and use that as a center to build from. When it comes to simple but elegant furniture to fit into a smaller space, Ashley has your back. With our space saver table options, we trust you’ll find the perfect piece to match your stylish living room decor. Have a few last-minute items to store before guests arrive? Not to worry: many of our tables have storage capabilities. Once you’ve tidied up and put miscellaneous items in their rightful places, it’s time for a little creative maneuvering.

How To Arrange Your Living Room for Entertaining

In a small space, it may be tempting to push all the furniture against the outermost walls, but it actually can be beneficial to pull the sofa or chairs away from the wall to allow for easy maneuverability behind and around seating. Pulling furniture towards the center of the room can create an open concept arrangement that gives the feeling of spaciousness.

Considering seating arrangements, be sure to place furniture in a way that creates an intimate setting for guests to socialize with ease. Face couches and chairs towards each other and around the center table. You don’t want guests to have to lean in to hear the conversation, so make sure seating is placed close enough to hear everything. Keeping the smaller space in mind, think of creative multipurpose ways to use the furniture you own already. For example, decorative pillows on the floor can make a nice comfy seat, or a shorter (stable) table with a cushion on it can serve as another spot to settle on. If you have an open concept layout, avoid guest traffic jams by serving food on one end of the setup and drinks on another to avoid crowding. Don’t forget to select from our trendy selection of bar furniture that ups your bartending game. If you run out of fridge space to keep the mixers chilled, simply toss ice in the sink and keep your drinks cool — it serves as a perfect open concept cooler.

Though it might be tempting to offer a huge array of food and drink, keeping it simple with a few hand-selected items will increase the amount of free table space, enabling more guests to fit comfortably. Depending on the event at hand, it may suffice to offer two drink options and two snacks. That way, you’ll still make everyone happy by having multiple offerings while not overcrowding countertops.

Small Spaces, Big Entertainment

Turn your living room into a home theater with our assortment of ultra-comfy home theater seating that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re keeping up with the latest show or watching an old favorite, there’s nothing like having folks over to watch a flick from the comfort of your own home.

Now that you’ve got the seating arranged, it’s time to set up the viewing system. Luckily, we’ve got just the right equipment so that you have an easy breezy showing. With our home theater TV stands and entertainment centers, hosting the next movie night is a no-brainer. Just add popcorn and drinks, and you have an instant party! Guests will want to forego the movie theater when they see your trendy new entertainment room.

If you want to take it further, a projector can make your movie showing larger than life. Many people think a projector is complicated to set up, but that is not the case. Our easy-to-assemble and portable theater kits will dispel these worries. Our projectors are even weatherproof, in case you want to move the showing to the backyard. Don’t forget to supply the bug spray! Your guests will be grateful.

We hope that after reading our tips and tricks, you feel ready to host the next big event in your friend circle — no matter how small your living space may be. Let us not forget that the most important part of any gathering is the warmth exuded by the host. If you embody the comfort and peace you get from your home, your loved ones will rejoice. Happy entertaining!