Inspiring the love of home and encouraging you to find comfort in a space you enjoy is at the core of Ashley HomeStore’s mission and vision. Every day, you entrust us to bring your dream home to life, one room at a time.

We want to continue to help guide you through the process of transforming your space. Our new series “At Home with Ashley” brings you into the homes of Ashley team members from across our organization. We are opening our front door for you to gain industry insight on creating the perfect space for you. Discover your interior design style, learn home décor tips and tricks and more from the perspective of our family.

For our first installment, we sat down with interior designer Andrea Wolf to learn more about her personal style and what makes a space. Andrea has been on Ashley’s Interior Design team since the fall of 2012 but has loved creating spaces since her days of building blocks and Legos. This is Andrea’s Home.

Andrea’s Space

Andrea started envisioning her apartment from the first time she saw the new building’s construction. Ten months later, she still feels at home in a space that encapsulates her love of interior design and her desire to express her creativity. You can achieve a gorgeous home by using design styles as a guide, but don’t be afraid to color outside the lines, just like Andrea!

“I’m kind of an industrial meets boho meets mid-century. I love mixing styles and I think certain pieces from these styles can all complement each other well,” Wolf said. “I hope people can see that in my home tour and learn how to mix and match these styles on their own!”

You don’t have to be a professional interior designer to create your dream home, you just have to bring your vision to life. For first timers, Andrea suggests identifying your preferences by doing ample research.

“First things first is narrowing down your design style. I know there are so many to choose from, but once you know that it will make things much easier when it comes to selecting everything else for your home! Our website has curated design styles that can be very helpful for that.”

Find Staple Pieces

Creating your dream home might seem challenging, so start with the essentials that easily transform your space. Key furniture pieces that provide function and define your style can help get you started. Transform an empty room into a home with a few items you can’t live without. Here are Andrea’s must-haves for any home:

  • “Get a couch you will want to live on. I spend more time on my couch than I do sleeping in my bed. Get a piece you know you will love to hang out on.”
  • “Include an accent rug in your living space. It pulls the whole space together. Don’t be afraid to layer a rug on existing carpet, too. It’s okay in my book.”
  • Add wall art that tells a story of who you are and your home. It’s such an easy way of making your home your very own.”

A Home for Everyday Life

Shopping for your space is also about creating a home that fits your everyday needs and is a place of comfort. Despite a busy schedule that takes her on-the-go, Andrea believes that her home is where style meets comfort.

“I’ve always loved adding trending pieces in my home and I also need a cozy space to feel like I can kick back and relax,” she said. “I’m usually on the go a lot, so my favorite thing to do at home is to unwind. Sometimes you’ll find me in the kitchen baking though! I make a pretty good homemade apple pie.”

Bringing comfort into your space looks different for each unique home. It could be decorating your walls with photos of cherished memories with loved ones. Or a basket full of cozy throw blankets and a sofa outfitted with plush pillows. Or a sofa that you sink into at the end of a long day, even before you’ve taken off your shoes. Find what brings you this sense of comfort and use that as a resource when you are shopping.

We are so excited to continue our “At Home With Ashley” series and hope you follow along as we invite you into our homes. Get to know Andrea better by checking out the rapid-fire “this or that” questionnaire we filled out with her. And let us know your results in the comments!

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