Many of us spend plenty of time at home relaxing in the living room. A place for comfort and family time, no living space is complete without a proper place to sit back and relax. That’s where the perfect comfy couch or sectional is important.

You may be wondering what to look for when buying a sectional sofa. Don’t worry! Today, we’re sharing our sectional buying guide to help you make your living room the ideal comfort zone.

Considerations for Choosing a Sectional Sofa

Many questions arise when shopping for a new sectional. From size to material, choosing a sectional sofa that fits your home’s aesthetic and personality considers several factors.

Comfort is vital. Your sectional should be a place where you take the stress off from a long day and enjoy your favorite movie with family or friends. Do you prefer a firm seat or something a bit softer? Shopping in-store at Ashley is the perfect chance to try different comfort levels to find the best fit for you

Color is another essential. You’ll want the sectional you choose to tie your space together effortlessly. Sectionals come in a vast range of colors, from traditional neutral browns to bright, eclectic pinks. Think about your favorite décor and features of your living space and how your sectional can highlight them. Whether you prefer earthy tones or a pop of color, your sectional should always complement the look you’re trying to achieve.

Upholstery also ties in with finding a sectional that complements your space and works for your lifestyle. You might have pets or kids and prioritize a fabric that doesn’t stain easily. Or, you may want a more luxurious feel. Read on to learn more about the diverse options for sectional materials.

Sectional Sofa Materials that Offer the Best Quality

Finding a sectional with top-quality materials is ideal. You’ll have several materials from which to choose for upholstery and fills. Feathers, foam, and spring coils are typical fillings for sectional sofas. Here are some common upholstery materials you may come across when choosing a sectional sofa.


A microfiber sectional may be the perfect choice if you’re looking for a soft feel and easy clean-up. This synthetic fiber is often made with a combination of nylon and polyester for a durable, stain-resistant upholstery.


Leather is a great option for stain resistance and durability. A leather sectional brings a classic feel to any space and only looks better over time.

Synthetic fabrics

Synthetic fabrics like polyester, rayon, and nylon are popular choices. These materials come in a myriad of colors, offering a durable upholstery style that’s easy to clean and perfect for high-traffic areas.


For a standout sectional that catches your visitor’s eye, velvet is your go-to. This luxurious material brings an elegant look to any room. Velvet isn’t the most durable, so it’s best for spaces with lower traffic.


The perfect natural material for warm climates, cotton delivers a breathable upholstery style that’s available in multiple colors. Cotton is also durable with an added touch of softness.


Linen brings a trendy, stylish look with a breathability level similar to cotton. Although it can stain and wrinkle easily, linen is the ideal sectional material to amp up a low-traffic space.

You might still be stumped on how to choose a sectional sofa material. Think about the look you’d like to achieve and how much time you can spend maintaining your new sofa. For example, synthetic upholstery that’s durable and easy to clean could be a great option if you have pets.

Also, apply what you learn in our sectional sofa buying guide in person. Seeing and feeling the different materials can give you a better idea of the best fit for you.

What Size Sectional Would Best Fit Your Room?

Measuring your room’s dimensions is a must when choosing a sectional sofa. Sectionals are typically much larger than the average sofa and come in plenty of shapes and sizes. So, understanding which ones fit in your space is vital. Start by measuring your room’s full dimensions from wall to wall. Then, consider the space where you wish to place your new sectional.

Understanding the measurements of potential sectionals is equally crucial. You’ll want to be sure your sectional isn’t too big or small. Remember to measure the sectional in total length and width, including space for reclining. Also, measure the height and depth of your sectional to be sure it can fit through doorways. Knowing the proper sectional dimensions can help narrow your search and create a clear vision of how a sectional will look in your space.

Buy a Sectional that Shapes to Your Floor Plan

Along with measuring, choosing a sectional sofa that fits your floor plan further clarifies your search. We recommend sketching your floor plan, including where and how you want to place your sectional. You can configure sectionals in different ways to fit your space. You’ll find sectionals in various shapes and styles.


This common sectional style helps you save space and provides lots of comfortable seating. L-shaped sectionals often have deep seats and can be configured in many ways to best suit your space.


Although less common, U-shaped sectionals work great in larger spaces. You can often configure U-shaped sectionals in three main ways: open-end, closed-end, and chaise center.


Curved sectionals bring a unique look to any space. With only one layout option, a curved sectional is perfect if you’re going for a specific look.


A modular sectional may be the best option if you’re looking for style and versatility. Modular sofas come in different pieces. You can effortlessly create a custom look by arranging your sectional in multiple layouts.

Find Your Ideal Sectional at Ashley

Ashley has everything you need to make your space feel like home. Our vast collection of floor lamps and coffee tables is ideal to complete your vision for your living space. We hope our sectional buying guide inspires you to stop in and find the perfect comfy sofa to enjoy more memories with your loved ones.