Before the summer comes to a close, you have one last epic party to host, and it happens on one of the most anticipated long weekends of the year. Labor Day was made by workers for workers, providing a much-needed day of rest and an opportunity for loved ones to gather. It’s still warm outside too, which means that outdoor entertaining is most definitely on the agenda.

If you want to throw a memorable Labor Day bash, then it’s important to prepare. Being organized and having everything you need for your event will take the stress out of the day and provide max enjoyment. Whether you’re a first-time host or a seasoned veteran in party planning, this simple guide to celebrating Labor Day will give you some exciting inspo to streamline your shopping and party decorating plans.

Planning a great Labor Day cookout is just one of the ways to enjoy your time off. If you plan to host an outdoor cookout or a party that involves both indoor and outdoor settings, you should assess what you have in terms of seating, food storage, eating areas, food prep tools, and serving dishes. Of course, your party setup and schedule also make a big difference in how smoothly your day will go.

It’s essential to start planning a couple of weeks before the big event just in case you need to order big-ticket items like a new outdoor furniture set or a grill that can handle enough hotdogs and burgers for all of your friends. What you need depends on the venue, your guest list, and the needs of your guests. A kid-friendly backyard cookout will look a lot different from an upscale garden party, so feel free to explore our exciting selection of outdoor furniture and accessories to start your party off on the right foot. Here are some of the top conveniences party guests appreciate at Labor Day gatherings.

Chill Your Favorite Beverages in a Cooler

There’s nothing like enjoying a nice cold drink on a hot day. Summer beverages just taste better when they’re chilled—but it’s a hassle to go indoors into the kitchen fridge for them. Make drinks easy to retrieve by keeping beverages chilled in outdoor coolers filled with ice.

This setup can be as basic as using a styrofoam cooler acquired from your local gas station. But you can also make it a premium experience by ordering a stylish, spacious outdoor cooler that mounts on a moveable shelf. This makes it easy for your guests to grab a drink without bending over and fishing through the cooler’s contents. Coolers on stands also look fashionable and can be used as an extra storage spot for other outdoor accessories. They are also excellent when cleanup time comes around. When the party’s over, simply dump the melted ice, then wheel it away into your garage or shed.

Grill for Friends and Family

Food cooked outside is another level of deliciousness, especially when it’s made with love on a grill. Whether you use propane, coal, or wood chips, grilling brings out some delicious flavors in meats and veggies that indoor ovens just don’t provide. So if you’re ready for an epic cookout, invest in a grill that you’ll be proud of. Then, get the grilling accessories you need to make cooking a breeze. Outdoor grilling accessories are designed to handle the rigors of hours of barbecuing while having the function and handle lengths you need to cook easily and safely. When you invest in the best accessories, you’ll have an easy and enjoyable time at the grill.

Do a test run to ensure that you have everything you need for the big day. Break in your grill on an ordinary weekend to see what works in your grilling setup and what you could add to make the process easier. You may need more serving trays, longer tongs, or better cleaning supplies—or you may simply need to remember to apply sunblock!

  • Pro Tip: When the sun sets, the party doesn’t have to end. Check out our awesome selection of fire pits and outdoor lighting that will keep the party going after hours.

Best Outdoor Speakers

Of course, no party is complete without music! To keep your neighbors happy, make sure that your music plays during the day at volumes that are agreeable to the community. Having your favorite music playing adds an instant party vibe and sets the mood for your guests to relax. To make your music sound great, use a high-quality outdoor speaker. It’s a big bonus if it’s water-resistant, since Labor Day parties can involve spilled drinks, rain, or pool time. It’s also a good idea to connect your speaker to one of your favorite music streaming apps so that song requests can happen on the fly.

Comfortable Outdoor Dining Chairs

The best outdoor parties combine that casual cookout feel with all the comforts of indoor entertaining. This means that ample outdoor seating and surfaces to place cups and plates are a must. While many guests will be fine with standing while enjoying a beverage, it’s best to have the option to sit down. Whether it’s a full-fledged outdoor dining or bar set, having enough seating is important for your guests’ comfort. Our selection of outdoor seating offers plenty of variety when it comes to style, seating, and price to match each family’s needs.

  • Pro Tip: Always be prepared for the unexpected. Extra foldable canvas chairs and side tables can provide more seating in a snap. Keep a few stashed away in your shed or garage in case your friend brings some unexpected guests!

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