Hope to Dream strives to help deserving children across North America discover their dreams by providing them with the security of a better night’s sleep. Recently, with the help of amazing volunteers and event organizers, we took a trip to Atlanta to attend an event at the Georgia Aquarium. We followed along as 50 children and their families learned about marine life, dolphin training and conservation. We can’t wait to share our adventures with you!

Creatures of the Deep

During their visit, children came face-to-face with otters, beluga whales, eels and, best of all, whale sharks. They ogled at the colossal creatures – which can grow up to 40 feet long – as they swam along the notorious underwater walkway. Georgia Aquarium is the only U.S. location that has whale sharks, which gave the children a once-in-a-lifetime, extra special encounter. 

Children at the event were also greeted by penguins. Handlers brought the birds center stage to teach the kids insightful facts and see them up close. Fun fact: Most penguins at the Georgia Aquarium are typically found on the rocks in South Africa!

It was an incredible experience watching the children interact with animals from across the globe, but the fun did not stop there!

High-Flying Activities

Next up was the main attraction, the children and their families were brought into the “Splash Zone” of the Dolphin Show! The children met trainers and dolphins of the aquarium, like Luna.

Children learned about dolphin training from the experts, which involves diligent behavior reinforcement and time with the mammals. The kids laughed and screamed as dolphins jumped from the water and splashed around. Some even left with new aspirations of becoming dolphin trainers! 

The Monday after the aquarium excursion, the children received a special delivery from Hope to Dream. To have a better night’s sleep every night, each child was given a brand new bed set. With a new bed of their own, they are able to recharge and have a better chance of reaching their dreams. Like becoming a dolphin trainer. 

Since its founding in 2010, Hope to Dream has donated over 90,000 beds to children in need. With the opportunity of having a better night’s sleep, the organization hopes that the children have the chance to pursue their dreams. Click here for more information about the organization. To see more from our events, follow the Instagram page!