Rinse, renovate and redecorate! Your bathroom is ready for a well-deserved makeover, and we are here to help. Your bathroom is an essential part of your self-care routine, so treat yourself to a new look. Whether you need a rejuvenating space to help kick-start your day or a luxurious experience to help you unwind, it should feature all the functions you need.

We have introduced a newly-expanded bathroom assortment to get you inspired to achieve your dream home. Select styles that give you the perfect amount of counter space for your favorite skincare products. Pick a shower installation that creates a spa-like ambiance. To help you start the transformation, we’ve compiled a buying guide that features all the essentials you will need. Read below to discover all the ways you can reinvent your bathroom. And don’t forget to click each image to shop the look!

Creating a Renovation Routine

Not a fan of crisp, white tile? Or are you unsure of how to create a bohemian jungle shower? Consult the experts of interior inspiration: Pinterest! Use the platform to discover how you can translate your interior design style to a bathroom makeover. Here are a few questions to get you started on your journey:

  • Am I more of a shower or bath person?
  • How much time do I spend completing my self-care routine in the bathroom?
  • How much space do I need?
  • Do I need a single or double vanity?

Pinterest and YouTube are also great resources to find DIY projects for your transformation. Learn how to tackle laying your own tile or installing your own vanity! And if you have completed a bathroom renovation, tell us about it. Share your tips in the comments below.

Smart Bathroom Storage

Now that you have assessed your space and everything you need in your ideal bathroom, let’s get to shopping! We aren’t at the hands-on, DIY step of this makeover, so no need to bring out the sledgehammers to start demolition.

The next phase of this transformation is storage. Sometimes our bathrooms are a catch-all type of space. We store cleaning products to keep everything spotless, from drain cleaner to grout remover and so on. We hide away extra towels and our abundance of sample products. Being intentional about your bathroom storage is a great way to use every inch of space you have available. 

The Perfect Vanity

The vanity acts as the centerpiece of the bathroom and is the main pit stop during your routine. Select a piece that meets your needs and the dimensions of your space. Leave room for door openings —  including the entryway and shower — and the trim. Depending on the scale of your renovation, keep existing features in mind like mirrors, electrical switches and outlets when shopping for a vanity. 

Making Space

Now the selection is just a matter of your design preference! Once you have your space measured and sized for the renovation, select a freestanding or built-in vanity. Then you’re off to explore all your options.

Keep things cohesive in your space when it comes to features like hardware, color and finish. Going for a modern home? Try a sleek vanity with a white, marble top and black matte hardware for a polished look. Or maybe you’re more traditional. Browse pieces that feature silver knobs or handles and a neutral paint finish. This is truly the part of the renovation where you get to experiment with your style.

Function Meets Fashion

Need a little more space? Or just want an additional feature that ties the room together and helps you display your decor? Try additional shelving! This might be the perfect solution to maximize your bathroom.

So, let’s style these shelves. You can search towel folding styles on Pinterest to add a thoughtful detail to your bathroom and give it a spa-like feel. Use storage bins to hide away grooming tools like hair brushes, straighteners and dryers. We also suggest displaying your favorite products and self-care goodies. Use a metallic tray to elevate the look and keep things neat. Use your favorite products from your self-care routine as decor. Personally, we’ve placed our Holy Grail cleanser at the center of our vanity!

Keep Things Fresh with Decor

Adding home decor to any space is a great way to incorporate your personal style, including in your bathroom! Hang a chic mirror to serve as the perfect reflection for your selfies or a cute piece of art that acts as a pop of color. Liven up your bathroom with these accent pieces. 

Pampering Plants

Let’s add some zen vibes to this makeover! Adding plants will create a serene look in your bathroom that helps you relax as you prepare for the day ahead or decompress at night. And even if the space does not receive an abundance of light, no big deal. There are many plants that thrive off of artificial light or none at all. You can also style your space with faux plants perched on floating shelves to create a jungle-like atmosphere. Check out this guide to learn more about adding plants to your bathroom.

Adorably Useful Accents

We’ve already mastered the larger storage items in your bathroom, so now let’s focus on those small space savers. Store your cotton swabs and rounds in decorative jars or canisters. Use a basket to keep extra bath mats and hand towels. These details can come in a coordinating set or try to mix and match colors and materials for an eclectic look. 

Change up your everyday routine with a bathroom makeover and watch how it changes your mood. Self-care starts with the relaxing space you create, so give your bathroom a new look. Don’t forget to share your favorite tips and tricks with us, we’d love to hear from you! Are you a fan of clay masks? Or at-home pedicures? Or spending hours in the bathtub with a glass of wine? Drop your favorite bathroom rituals in the comments.

And if you embark on a renovation, share your space with us on Instagram using #MyAshleyHome. You might even see your beautiful home on our feed. If you need more inspiration for your bathroom upgrade, browse our Pinterest.