As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day. And neither is your dream home. It requires extensive care and meticulous selection. But each new addition brings you and your family one step closer to achieving that perfect space. Let’s say you have selected a cozy sofa for a movie night or an elegant bedroom set, but something is missing. The hours of Pinterest scrolling and online browsing are starting to add up. Curated boards have helped you discover your interior design preferences. But how do you put this knowledge to practice? 

Decorative accents are a great way to incorporate your style into the space after you’ve purchased your big-ticket items. They can add pops of color, create the illusion of more space and help you achieve a cohesive look. And we’re here to help you complete your home makeover! We are partnering with our Interior Design Team to show you ways to shop for these final touches. Browse the mood boards to explore the different styles and watch your home come to life.

Sea Breeze from the Sofa

Bottle the misty air of the ocean and bring it into your space with coastal-inspired decor! For this look, follow a neutral color palette with a subtle wash of blues and greens to emulate the look of the refreshing waterside.

Add quaint touches like seashells or landscape wall art to replicate a seaside bungalow. Or go with an abstract beauty that resembles the colors and movement of tranquil waves. Create a marine blue glow in your space with sea glass-inspired pendant lights.

Shine Bright with These Accents

For those of you transforming your space to reflect your bold personality and eye for interior design, look to jewel tones. Rich emerald green, burgundy and sapphire are show-stopping colors that build an elegant home.

Royal textures like velvet create visual interest in a room commanded by captivating colors. Or you can start with an edgy, monochromatic look that focuses on one shade. Match the tones of your furniture to accents like ottomans or poufs to establish a chic and modern space. Either way, you are on your way to creating a space that is as unique as you are. 

Picking Petals or Pastel Accents

Want a tranquil environment that also displays your love of color? Drape your home in soft elegance with an array of delicate pastel shades. This aesthetic is a great compromise for anyone looking to think outside of the typical interior design color wheel.

A pastel room captures the light tone of a spring day (without the pollen)! Take inspiration from your favorite seasonal blooms. You can start with one pop of color that ties the room together and add complementing shades as you see fit. Another way to navigate your colorful space is to pick out an area rug and select other accents that feature the same shades.

A Desert Escape

We are going out West for our final look book. This style is a great model for fans of an eclectic, bohemian vibe. These details bring the warmth of the desert into your home.

Allow your space to embody the desert’s atmosphere through the color palette. Add muted greens that are inspired by the tall saguaro cactuses of the Arizona desert. Subtle peach shades can resemble dusky sunsets. And warm, chestnut brown pieces that take inspiration from the earthy features of the region.

Add the finishing touches you need to complete your latest makeover. Each decorative accent can get you closer to that perfect look from your Pinterest board. Whether that’s wall art above the sofa or an illuminating light fixture over the dining table, each piece should work to tie everything together. Home decor helps fill in any design gaps in your space, which could be functional or purely aesthetic.

We’d love to see how you decorate your space to create your dream home. Tag us on Instagram using #MyAshleyHome, and you might even see your photo on our feed! You can also discover more inspiration for your next home makeover by browsing our Pinterest boards.