Getting into the Halloween spirit requires more than just choosing a costume. Dressing up your space infuses your home with the spooky energy needed for tricks, treats, and lots of fun.

Decorating for Halloween starts with the outdoors, especially if you live in an area where trick or treating still takes place in a traditional way. Even if you’re a participant in a neighborhood trunk or treat event instead, Ashley has the Halloween decorations you need for your car as well.

Once you have the exterior covered with spooky-yet-tasteful decor, try a little seasonal inspiration for the interior as well. After all, our Halloween decor isn’t just themed for the holiday; it’s designed to elevate and complement your existing interior design choices. Whether you prefer scary decorations with plenty of realism or just need some Halloween-themed decor that would fit in the rest of the year, you can find it all here at Ashley.

Here are some of our best tips for decorating for the year’s spookiest holiday.

Best Indoor & Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Halloween doesn’t have to mean settling for the same old pumpkins, although they’re a classic motif to tie your indoor and outdoor Halloween decorations together. Take a page from general autumn decor by tapping into the rich color palette of the holiday. Black, purple, silver, and orange bring drama and contrast to the home, whereas other seasons tend to feature more subdued color combinations.

No matter what individual decorations you choose for both the exterior and interior of the home, make sure there’s a common theme or color palette between them, so the look carries over from outside to in.

The most eye-catching outdoor Halloween decor options are inflatable devices. From towering spooky figures to active decorations that move back and forth thanks to the use of air pressure, these decorations can be huge while taking up little space in the off-season due to their collapsible design.

If you tend to keep your outdoor decor a little more restrained for the holidays, consider black faux foliage swags highlighted with spiders. Holiday-themed doormats, window displays, and porch banners help show off your Halloween excitement without requiring a lot of setup in the yard.

Spooky Outdoor Halloween Lighting

Cooling nighttime temperatures encourage more outdoor celebrations and parties. Yet no gatherings can be planned until you have your outdoor lighting figured out. Start out by lighting up paths and porch steps long before it’s time to greet trick-or-treating visitors. Attractive string lights help brighten up porch banisters and railings to encourage guests to stop by. Don’t forget about generous lighting around the front door as well, especially if you plan to hang wreaths and other seasonal decor there.

Oil-rubbed bronze and old-fashioned details help give any outdoor light fixture the Halloween style you need for the season. Don’t be afraid to try candle sconces both indoors and out for the ambiance that only flickering lights can offer. If you won’t be around to watch real flames for safety, try faux candles that can handle outdoor conditions without blowing out.

How to Decorate Your Front Door for Halloween

Even if you don’t care for most of the over-the-top Halloween decoration ideas you’ll see on social media websites, the front door is a perfect place for a subtle and tasteful seasonal display. Themed wreaths are one type of Halloween decoration that everyone can agree on. Dark-colored wreaths with pops of bright orange and purple set the mood for spooky celebrations without drawing too much attention from the rest of your exterior decor. There’s a wreath to match every Halloween theme and decorating style. Themed wreath hangers that resemble a skeleton’s arm or a witch’s green-skinned hand take the display one step further with a fun twist.

If you’re not a wreath fan, printed metal and wood signs add color and style to your door as well. Try a more general autumn theme for decorations you won’t have to take down as Thanksgiving draws near. Anyone who plans to hand out candy for trick-or-treaters should definitely focus on porch and front door decorations. Lighting, in particular, helps make it clear that you’re welcoming people to stop by and pick up a treat.

Best Indoor Halloween Decor

No need to commit to a full overhaul of your decor to bring the Halloween spirit indoors. Choose one or two rooms in the home to concentrate your favorite indoor Halloween decorations for the best possible effect. If you’re planning to host a costume party or elegant dinner, focus your decorating efforts on whichever room you’ll use the most.

Stick to durable decorations you’ll reuse year after year, like resin statuettes, nostalgic wall art, and fine tablecloths that hint at spooky themes. A little colored cheesecloth or faux cobwebs added to your existing decor will add a Halloween look without requiring a lot of work on your part.

Don’t forget cute and cozy details like black cat pillows and skull print throws so that anyone cuddling on the couch still feels the celebratory mood.

When to Put Up Your Favorite Halloween Decorations

You don’t have to wait until October to start the early stages of Halloween decorating. As soon as temperatures start to drop in your area, bring out the decorations and consider what theme you want to use this time. Start out with general autumn decor in August or September, and save the scary Halloween decorations for the month of October.

If you start decorating as early as August or September, you can slowly add the Halloween-specific items one piece at a time as each week passes. By the time October arrives, you’ll have a complete holiday look without having to spend a whole weekend on the redecorating process.

Make this Halloween your favorite with the help of galaxy-colored pumpkin decorations and so much more. Embrace the stylish, trendy decor that’s available to get into the spirit this holiday without having to compromise on your design philosophies.