Every kid is different—and it can be a challenge to choose decor that matches your child’s unique style and tastes. Here a few tips to help you create a kids’ bedroom your son or daughter will love.    

Choose Colorful Accessories

A60000997Colorful accessories add punch and pizazz to any child’s bedroom. And they’re often inexpensive, too. Simple ideas include:

  • Colored wall decals in a variety of sizes. 
  • A round accent chair in a fun color. Fuzzy fabrics are also great.
  • A drum-shaped lamp with a playful pattern set against white. 
  • Multi-colored bed linens or curtains. Q114001T

Design Ideas for Kids Who Love Superheroes

Dark colors, sleek shapes and metallic materials inspired by superhero costumes make for cool kids’ bedroom decor. Be sure to include:

  • Shelving for comic book collections. 
  • Posters or life-sized cut-outs of favorite superheroes.  
  • Framed comic books. They serve as art and pure inspiration.
  • Superhero-themed bed linens or linens in bold colors.B233-17-SD 

Design Ideas for Kids Who Love SportsA60001001

A sports theme tends to be a first round pick for kids’ bedrooms; it’s also one that’s easy to tackle. Shoot for plenty of warm, burnished materials as they conjure up images of ballparks, trophy cases and well-worn baseball gloves. Other great ideas include:

Sporty borders and stencils. 

  • Posters of sports heroes or life-sized cut-outs. 
  • Sports-themed art in grainy wood frames. 

Design Ideas for Kids Who Love Princesses

B583-45Is your child enamored by princesses? Pink is the most obvious choice for a color scheme, though purples and yellows work too. Simple design ideas include:

  • Princess-themed linens or linens in pretty pastels. 
  • Jeweled accessories. Think bejeweled lamps, frames, mirrors, etc. 
  • A large dresser. Great for holding every-day wear and dress-up clothes.