We are very excited to introduce different ways to use cube storage so you can reinvent your idea of what storage looks like. No longer do you have to resort to plain cube storage. The world is your oyster, so let’s dig into cube storage decorating ideas.

How to Upgrade Your Cube Storage

The best part of decorating storage cubes is changing your storage from generic to something that is your own. When it comes to your home, having your style reflected in the aesthetic of your space feels both affirming and comforting. When guests come over, they’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how you’ve turned what could be an eyesore into a clever use of space.

First off, select a color palette that suits the room. A neutral color palette will fit most spaces, or you could opt to add a pop of color to add interest. If you are working with a storage unit that’s already the color you want, the colors you’ll be selecting may be for the cube storage bins you’ll be using, if any. Avoid too many colors, as this can start to look busy.

Consider sanding and painting the cube storage unit to make it the color you want. If you are a painter, a hand-painted mural will add intrigue to the piece. Or, take it to the next level and wrap the cube storage in stained wood for a rustic look.

Making the Most of Cube Storage

Classically, storage cubes often hold books, but how can you make them look better? Color coordinating the spines of the books is always aesthetically pleasing. Whether you group them in colors on different shelves or create a color gradient is up to you and the color of the books you’ll be using. Also, think about how you display the books — have some placed horizontally and some vertically across the different cubes.

Use each cube’s full range of space to make the most of the available storage. Consider how you can fill cubes to the back and height-wise. If you have books that will only take up half the cube, push them to the back as a background for something you can have at the forefront, like a small statue or picture frame.

Cube storage with storage containers and drawers can look simple or complicated with uniform or alternating colors depending on how busy the room’s aesthetic is. Having uniform cube inserts in each box, or alternating colors per row, can look good. Furthermore, alternating cubes with other shapes and items can add interest.

For ease of use, labeled cubes can make a big difference in keeping you organized and happy. There’s nothing like the feeling of being able to find items you need quickly.

Cube Storage Decorating Ideas

What better way to adorn your cubes than with the decorations nature gave us? A plant on the top shelf with tendrils that hang down or stream across the top can bring the outdoors in. Small hooks or thumbtacks that hold the vines where you want them are a great way to keep it looking intentional. If you have the space, placing multiple plants across the unit, whether vined or not, will add an intriguing natural look. Including plants requires special planning and planters without holes to prevent water damage to your storage unit and its items. The cube storage unit may suit air plants that require minimal watering. Air plants are soaked in water every week to 10 days, completely dried (for up to three hours), and returned to their spot.

Along the same vein, using a variety of shapes and textures will add intrigue to your cube storage decor: Alternate books, baskets, art, records, and natural shapes like plants.

Creating a place to put items in an effort to eliminate clutter is a classic use of cube storage. If you have the cube storage unit but need help with what to use your storage and display shelves for, we have ideas there too.

A cube storage bar unit looks intriguing and is functional in keeping your bar items organized so you can have guests over for drinks and impress them with your bartending skills. Attach wine glass hooks to one of the cubes to store your glasses properly and create a professional-looking bar.

Alternatively, you can use your cube storage to display your record player your records if you’re a big music person. The record player can go on top. And depending on how many records you own, using just four squares below the player for storage should suffice: two squares for your records and another two for baskets or cubes that store miscellaneous cords or other equipment.

A third way to use your cube storage is to make it a laundry room storage unit — store detergent, dryer sheets, stain remover, bleach, etc., in the cubes, and use the top as a place to fold clean clothes. Your laundry room will never be disorganized again!

This next one is for our cat lovers. If your cubes can detach from each other, stack your cubes kitty-corner to each other, drill them together, and add cushions to each cube. Staggering the cubes will allow your cat to climb to their favorite nap spot quickly. If you have multiple cats, even better, as each will have a cube to sleep in, and you can have stacked cat photo shoots.

Another perfect use for cube storage is for a home office. Whether you have two units on each side of a desk or a wall unit, designated storage for office supplies will increase productivity and make it easy to find things.

Cube storage can be great for organizing the kids’ rooms and making “cleanup time” easy for them. Label the cubes to help teach your children how to clean up after themselves and keep their rooms in order. No matter what you use your cube storage for and how you decorate it, we hope you’ll find endless uses for your unit, with exciting ways to organize your home.