4 Tips for Decorating With Mirrors

Many things might come to mind when decorating your space, like wall decor, accent rugs, and eclectic pieces. But there’s one essential thing you may be forgetting — mirrors! Mirrors can add a touch of style to any room, redefining a space and creating a tasteful aesthetic. You can use mirrors of all shapes and sizes for different purposes, like decoration, creating the illusion of space, and brightening up a room.

At Ashley, we have plenty of mirrors in different styles, from contemporary to traditional, at prices you can’t beat. We want you to make the best choice when decorating with mirrors. If you’re a little stumped on how to decorate with mirrors, we’re sharing four tips that’ll take your home to the next level.

How to Decorate With Floor Mirrors

Mirrors are vital elements in home design. Decorating with floor and standing mirrors isn’t just practical; it keeps your home on trend. Large mirrors are essential for many reasons besides checking your reflection from time to time. Adding a floor mirror to your space lets light reflect within a room, complements your home interiors, and amps up a room’s appeal.

It’s crucial to consider a few tips on how to decorate with floor mirrors while still incorporating your style. The first is placement. Floor mirrors live up to their standards and look spectacular when positioned correctly. Whether greeting guests in an entryway, mounted over a fireplace or standing tall in your bedroom, the proper mirror placement can make a huge difference when elevating your space.

Always remember the purpose your mirror serves in each room. Large mirrors work equally well as accent pieces and as the center of attention. Dress up your bedroom by adding a large mirror in the corner, or place a full-length mirror in the dining room to create the illusion of a window and reflect light. Leaning floor mirrors in an entryway, closet, or home gym takes your space from bland to dramatic with little effort.

Decorating With Mirrors in Different Sizes

If you’re wondering how to decorate walls with mirrors, using mirrors of different sizes is a key tip. Different-sized mirrors are perfect for reflecting light, enhancing decor, or just making a room more aesthetically pleasing. Wall mirrors can be used as main decorative pieces, hanging them like you would wall art. Creating wall decor with mirrors by arranging and even overlapping them on your gallery wall adds visual interest and depth. For decorating ideas with mirrors on walls, don’t be afraid to mix different finishes like wood, gold, brass, or silver to create contrast.

Smaller mirrors placed in fun, unexpected places make any room stand out. Bring charm to your bathroom with an antique wall mirror, or brighten up your home office corner with hanging mirrors.

Create the Illusion of Space With Mirrors

Adding mirrors to specific spaces seems practical and easy, but using them to create an illusion of space and brightness takes a bit of planning and understanding. Mirrors in small spaces are an absolute must. They trick the eye into thinking there’s more space by reflecting light and color throughout a room, making it appear much larger. The tiniest spaces can feel more substantial just by hanging a small mirror on the wall.

Of course, like the rest of our design tips, there’s a right and wrong way to harness the optical illusion a mirror creates. Layering is one of our favorite ways to make your space look more expansive. A mirrored wall with sizeable mirrors on the bottom and small defined mirrors on top brings depth to any room without weighing things down.

Some rooms could use a bit more light. It’s much easier to add a mirror than a new window. Tiling small, square mirrors to create a faux window is the perfect way to expand a space and reflect light. Turning a large mirror on its side will make a room feel bigger. This trick is ideal for instantly adding length to any wall using long skinny mirrors.

Where Should You Not Put Mirrors in Your Home?

The beauty of using mirrors for decoration is their ability to reflect light and add a simple touch of style and personality. But we recommend avoiding putting mirrors in a few spaces. Once again, placement is key. Always pay attention to what the mirror is reflecting. Mirrors can easily brighten up a room by reflecting light from a window, but if the reflection is messy space, your mirror will serve the opposite purpose. So you might want to skip putting a mirror in front of your cluttered laundry room or kitchen pantry.

Avoid putting mirrors in areas that reflect furniture, especially in front or above your bed. Having a mirror right in front of your bed can cause light to reflect awkwardly, disrupting relaxation and calmness. You might also want to skip hanging a mirror in the kitchen. Kitchens are usually steamy and smokey. Hanging a mirror can be counterintuitive, creating more hassle as you try to keep it clean from splatters. We also recommend not hanging a mirror directly across from the front door in your foyer. Positioning your mirror on a perpendicular wall will better reflect light and brighten your space.

Prioritizing mirrors in decorating your home is not only practical and functional. It’s a fun, unique way to add layers of style to any space while making a room look bigger and brighter. Whether you’re leaning a full-length mirror against your wall to check your outfits or layering antique mirrors in your bathroom, be sure to do it with intention.

At Ashley, we believe your home should be a space to showcase your personality and ingenuity. Our tips and tricks for decorating with mirrors are just a starting point to get you on the road to designing your dream home. Staying on trend is important to many, but it’s most meaningful for your home to embody the styles and designs that make you happy.