How do you support your vision for a peaceful, warm, and inviting home? Earthy home décor is the way to go! There’s nothing more comforting than bringing accents of the great outdoors into your home. Having the finer things in life doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Adding a few earthy elements can provide the inner peace you didn’t know you needed. What is earthy home décor? Simple additions like woven components, earthy tones, and plants will bring natural detailing into your home while encouraging a relaxing vibe.

Decorating Your House With Earthy Tones & Aesthetics

If you’re looking around your home and wondering, “How can I make my house look earthy?”, we’ve got some ideas for you. Of the ideas presented, play around with what sounds doable and enticing within the context of your home. An earthy aesthetic plays with natural elements, like natural finish furniture, while incorporating otherworldly elements that bring the harvest of earth’s best offerings into your home.

For example, adding a wood finish glass cabinet allows you to display various natural elements, such as crystals, souvenirs from your travels, and books. The wooden accent of the cabinet will contribute a natural dynamic to any room. At the same time, the hand-picked pieces inside make for an exciting display of artifacts and personal items that show your interests.

There are some aspects of an earthy aesthetic that extend beyond the décor. Comfort is a big part of what makes an earthy aesthetic so desirable. Select neutral-colored sofa and loveseat sets that are comfortable and inviting. Put a decorative ottoman in the center of the seating arrangement to ensure you have somewhere to rest your feet after a long day. Your home is your sanctuary and a place to be yourself. You deserve ultimate comfort and ease, as do your guests.

Create an earthy book nook to cuddle up with your latest for-pleasure read. Build this oasis by selecting a corner of your home; outfit it with cushioned furniture, warm lighting, and ample blankets and throws. Keep a woven basket in your nook for cozy throws and comfort items like books or your latest knitting project. When choosing what furniture to put in your nook, select neutral, earthy tones and patterned fabrics to match the desired aesthetic. Keep a few colorful crystals in the window to encourage the earthy vibes to shine.

Another simple way to extend the earthy aesthetic is to keep tiny vases on your kitchen table, nightstands, and window sills with miniature fresh-picked wildflowers. For a low-maintenance alternative to picking flowers daily, you can opt for dried flowers such as lavender, which will look beautiful and add an elegant scent to the room.

Earthy Room Décor for Any Room

Any room can become an earthy room with a few simple touches. Elements like lighting can make a massive difference in creating the desired effect. Try warm lighting that is inviting and pleasant; antique lighting fixtures contribute whimsy while providing mood lighting that highlights the earthy elements you add to the room. Fairy lights are another perfect feature that can pull everything together. You’d be surprised how stringing up soft white lights to frame a room can change the whole dynamic. For the kitchen or living room, bohemian chandeliers are the perfect centerpiece to build the room around.

Earthy bedroom décor is a great way to add simple beauty and encourage creativity. Decorate your walls with earthy décor, such as hanging prints of plants and animals, woven wall hangings, and paintings of landscapes. Staggered paintings that create a patchwork on your wall will echo the scenery of the natural world outside your door.

Types of Earthy Décor Styles: Boho & Faux Plants

Nothing says earthy aesthetic better than a home full of plants. It’s entirely up to you whether you prefer live or faux plants. But one thing’s sure: Adding a little greenery can significantly liven up a room. Live plants help cleanse the air in your home and brighten your day. Alternatively, if your busy lifestyle keeps you away from home, faux plants are the perfect low-maintenance addition to your earthy décor.

For extra points towards your earthy natural home décor, hanging plant fixtures add elegance to any home. Woven plant hangers that cradle indoor planters are ideal for adding interest at eye level. When selecting live plants, consider how much space your plant will have to grow. If it is a variety with tendrils that will grow out and down, plan for where the new growth will go. An ivy look can be stunning if you guide new growth along the edge of a window. Alternatively, if you want a slow-growing plant, succulents are fabulous earthy room décor because they’re pretty and easy to maintain. They require minimal watering and maintenance.

Boho furniture and décor are the perfect addition to your home if you want a down-to-earth style to create a warm and inviting aesthetic. Boho is a carefree style combining organic components from the outdoors with various cultural influences to provide an eclectic look refined by natural elements. Boho-printed curtains or throws on the couch will add color and excitement to the room.

Discovering Earthy Tone Color Palettes

What are earthy colors in interior design? You can take inspiration from looking outside your window. The blue sky, green plants, and yellow grasses contribute significantly to this palette. An earthy tones color palette incorporates browns, yellows, golds, greens, blues, and pinks, but most importantly, it features muted and neutral shades of these colors to provide the well-sought-after calming and comforting color palette we know and love.

The great thing about setting up a room with an earthy tones aesthetic is that once you’ve picked the color palette, it’s easy to bring pieces together because of the neutral nature of the colors. If your home already has natural elements such as wood or stone, play with these aspects and draw out some of the colors by involving them in other aspects of your decorations. For example, if your granite countertops have specks of beige, a similarly colored piece of furniture will make the color more prominent on the countertop, adding synergy to the room.