Creating a Gathering Space That’s Simple, Welcoming and Functional

Most of us lead stressful lives. No wonder so many of us are turning to Feng Shui to create balance and energy in our living rooms—and beyond. Whether the goal is to attract more prosperity, improve health, or just create flow, this ancient art developed over 3,000 years ago in China is still relevant today. 

Of course, there are many basic principles to keep in mind when creating the ideal living room design. Here are just a few Feng Shui tips to get you started:

  • Keep it simple. Functional, welcoming and comfortable win out over elegant, opulent and sterile when it comes to creating flow in your living room. You should feel comfortable, as should your guests.
  • Create a gathering spot. By arranging a seating area (especially in big, open living spaces), you’re creating a place that’s the obvious gathering spot in the room. While most homes would have a television in this area, Feng Shui principles would not have the TV as the focal point of the room or seating arrangement, since the room’s design should promote conversation. 
  • Mix earth and metal. Stained wood tabletops, shelves and chairs, combined with a muted floral couch, for instance, create an earthy feel. Be sure that the primary piece of furniture gives you a view of the door, with your back “protected” from behind by a solid wall, a high-back chair or a large plant. To add subtle contrast, incorporate metal (via accessories, lighting and other decorative touches). 
  • Declutter. Put the TV, cables, wires and electrical components into a cabinet, hidden away when you’re not using them. Don’t place too many pillows on the sofa or overdo it with decorative objects and accessories. 
  • Choose neutral, earthy tones. In Feng Shui, the living room should be sort of a “middle ground” where relationships are formed, so best keep it neutral. Using about three to five colors throughout the living room is a good rule of thumb. Only one of those colors should be bold and lively, which helps stimulate conversation.