When Meggie Truelock and her husband decided to move to be closer to work and family, they needed to find a way to make their new house feel like home. With the help of our Mane + Mason lifestyle, they were able to do just that. Truelock used our modern farmhouse product line to create a chic home office space. 

Create Small Office Spaces

Truelock, a home stylist from Texas, used accessories to carefully section off the room into distinct functional spaces. She picked the Oengus Accent Mirror, which brings in an abundance of natural light into the space. It separates the small seating area from the rest of the room while maintaining a cohesive look.

Industrial Design Meets Light Tones

Truelock’s neutral color palette for the office space creates a zen ambiance that is perfect for getting work done. She puts those soft shades on display with her industrial-inspired bookcase. Vintage books, vases, and greenery bring the light tones to new heights in the room.

Industrial accents provide a juxtapositional element to the delicate color scheme of the room. From visible nails on the upholstered chairs to the dark metal desk lamp, the office has masculine features across the space.

Whether you are starting a business or need a space to work from home, create a space fit for a CEO. You can shop Truelock’s specialty store to see which pieces she picked for her #bossbabe home office. If you want to gain more inspiration from Truelock’s home transformation, check out her Instagram.