Welcoming a new family member is one of life’s greatest joys. It also gives you an opportunity to find baby gear that will make life with an infant easier and more fun. The right baby gear simplifies your life, leaving more time for family bonding and fun. While many of today’s baby gadgets are entirely optional, there are essential classics like baby strollers, baby bathtubs, and baby carriers that everyone needs. Parenting styles may come and go, but these kinds of must-have baby items don’t lose their value or popularity. Truly important gear remains essential no matter the era.

If you or a friend is expecting, selecting baby essentials is a fun part of preparing for what’s coming. Before you dig through a long registry of products that may already be outdated, try the classics on for size to create a great space for your baby. Choose charming baby accessories and must-have gear from our selection here at Ashley to ensure everything is ready for the newborn’s first few months of life.

Stay Active With Baby Strollers

A stroller is a great way to keep a baby happy and contained during a walk around the neighborhood. There are plenty of stroller designs to choose from today, including the standard front-facing stroller. A rear-facing stroller allows you to get out with your child to enjoy the fresh air and teach him or her an appreciation for nature, all while speaking directly to your baby’s sweet little face! Rear-facing strollers also make it easy to know when your child needs a diaper change or has dropped a binkie or pacifier.

Exploring a wide selection of baby strollers will make it easy to find just the right model for trails, pavement, and grassy paths. Don’t forget about the importance of sun covers and temporary protection from sudden rainfall to make it easier to go on long walks in both the newborn and toddler stages. Insect screening and mesh allow the baby to look around without you having to worry about mosquitoes and gnats. There’s a stroller for every lifestyle and life stage, all the way through the toddler years and into the early stages of childhood.

How to Set Up a Baby Bathtub?

Bathing newborns can be tricky, but wiggly older babies are an upgraded challenge. When your newborn is sleepy and slouchy, it’s difficult to clean everything while supporting the baby’s neck and head. A baby bathtub simplifies most of these challenges while making the most of your tub, kitchen sink, or shower enclosure. There’s no need to struggle with trying to sanitize a sink or block off part of the tub to create a small and secure space for bathing a newborn. Many baby tubs are expandable or adjustable to grow with your baby, adjusting all the way up to early toddlerhood when it’s easy to transition into a full-sized tub. Toddlers can be tricky to keep in the tub, but we offer baby bath products to solve those challenges as well. Tub toys, bathtub step stools, and more all help encourage your toddler to look forward to bath time rather than trying to avoid it.

Try to find a splash-proof place to set up baby bathtubs. Almost any sink, tub, or shower area will work well. If none of those places are available, you can use a water-resistant stretch of open flooring made of a material like tile or vinyl. Just place a few old towels down to help absorb any splashes from a wiggling baby. Fill the tub to the lowest fill line with warm water, and play away!

What Gear to Get for a Newborn Baby?

Strollers and bathtubs only cover two parts of caring for a newborn. Other baby essentials focus on the feeding, sleeping, and dressing of the infant. Until the child begins sitting up and engaging more with the nearby world, most needs can be taken care of with a basic set of newborn baby gear. Start out with feeding equipment, either the supplies for breastfeeding and pumping or formula and the bottles that best supply it. Diaper changing equipment can be as simple as a good bag to keep everything organized and a folding pad for a clean surface wherever you go.

A modern crib that’s certified to meet today’s safety standards is a must. A bassinet may work for the first month or two, but your newborn will quickly outgrow it. Make sure only to use crib sheets, and bedding designed for safe sleeping since extra fluffy or padded materials can be hazardous during sleep. For clothing, onesies and sleepers are generally all that is needed until the baby gets more active. Long pants and sleeved tops help when taking the baby out for a stroll in chilly weather. Don’t forget socks and knit caps! Finally, avoid stuffed animals and pacifiers until the baby can sit up independently.

Comfortable Baby Carriers

One last piece of the baby gear essentials puzzle is a comfortable baby carrier. Baby carriers allow you to carry your baby hands-free without having to push a stroller or deal with a bulky car seat. You simply slide the harness on and slip your child’s arms and legs through the padded straps. Ashley carries comfortable, safe baby carriers that offer multiple options for wear. You can keep the infant in the front for careful support of the head and neck or swap to wearing the carrier on your back as your child gets older and heavier. These devices often feature easy-clean fabrics to ensure that spit-ups won’t cause any permanent stains.

Babies need tender love and care, and the right gear can make it easier for parents to focus on those important things while reducing the overall workload. Choose the essentials that really matter first, then add any specialty gadgets or tech wonders as your child ages and develops specific needs. This will reduce closet clutter while ensuring you get essentials you’ll love and use regularly.