Ready to convert the spare bedroom into a baby nursery? Saying goodbye to that unused home office? Ushering in a new chapter with a renovated space can be exciting, but also overwhelming. We are here to help you build the perfect nursery for your upcoming arrival. A rising trend in interior design is gender-neutral nurseries that create a warm atmosphere for any child. Before you race off to the paint store to collect swatches of blue and pink paint, consider a more neutral canvas.

Break the bounds of gender-focused children’s rooms and focus your creative energy on the soothing space your baby needs. Featuring a simple aesthetic and cozy elements that are not limited by constructing a room for the baby’s gender. A neutral space might be the perfect solution for your family and home. Read how you can achieve an adorable nursery for your child and discover the top trends in baby today. 

Casual Color Palette

When planning out a nursery, many parents base their decisions on the color scheme of the room. Keep the space light and airy with a subdued color palette from floor to ceiling. Use neutral tones to achieve a cloud-like look in your baby’s nursery.

Using bright colors like pink or blue might prove to be a hassle once your child discovers their interests and personalities, and eventually want a room to match that. Let the nursery act as a blank canvas for your child to experiment with later.

Once you have this comforting foundation, bring in pops of color through the room’s décor. These smaller accents can be removed and changed once your child decides to start personalizing their space. 

Cozy Elements for Your Baby

Cradle your baby in comfort from the moment they arrive to their first room. Each piece and addition creates the safe atmosphere that your child needs to get a great start in life.

Coast your baby to sleep with the help of a glider. The gentle motion keeps your child relaxed and eases them into nap-time. If the nursery has wooden floors, you can also go for a classic rocking chair style that adds a rustic element to the space.

A smooth baby rug in the center of the room will help establish a comfortable spot for playtime. Pick a neutral style that withstands the test of time, and spilled paint during a potential finger painting fiasco.

Add a soothing scent to the nursery. We suggest trying an aromatherapy scent diffuser that fills the space with relaxation-promoting smells for your baby. Our favorites are lavender and eucalyptus.

Organize to Leave Room for Activities 

Keep clutter off the floor to protect your baby, and yourself. During your nightly check-in on your baby, you don’t want to accidentally step on building blocks. Organization is essential for keeping your baby’s belongings organized. 

A bookcase is a great way to store and display your baby’s favorite knick knacks, toys, plushies and books. For those of you going for a farmhouse-inspired look, use wicker baskets to section the items and add a casual look.

When selecting a changing table, go for a style that leaves the necessities within an arm’s reach. Store diapers in the drawers to keep the space looking clear. Some options can even be converted to a dresser when you no longer need it. 

Creating your child’s nursery is an exciting part of this journey. Share your experience with us by using #MyAshleyHome on Instagram to possibly be featured on our feed! For more inspiration to find what fits your family’s needs on our Pinterest boards! There are endless possibilities when building your baby’s first space, so make something beautiful that grows with your baby.