Guide to Buying Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

Baby’s first year is full of so many memorable milestones that it’s hard to keep your phone out of camera mode. Among these core memories is Baby’s first Christmas! This special event is when your baby gets lifelong keepsakes like a Baby’s first Christmas ornament and first holiday gifts. There are so many beautiful moments to capture with your camera and in your heart, and Ashley is the place to get the best children’s gifts for the celebration. This guide to buying gifts for Baby’s first Christmas will showcase some of our top picks for babies this holiday season.

What to Buy a Baby on Their First Christmas

Spending the holidays with a baby who has never experienced the holidays before is a momentous occasion. This is the first time you’ll see their reaction when they receive gifts and become included in family traditions. Needless to say, whether you’re the new baby’s parent, friend, or relative, finding a good Christmas gift is on the top of your mind.

Overall, a baby’s gift is going to be used by the parents to benefit the baby, so it’s important to think about usefulness and value as the top criteria. For example, bedding for babies is always a good gift because parents can use it well into toddlerhood and even preschool ages. During early development, babies tend to spit up or have accidents, so there’s always room in the linen closet for one more set to keep a crib mattress cozy. Extra onesies, play clothes, socks, hats, and teethers are also excellent items that parents can’t get enough of.

Find the Best Baby Gifts for the Nursery

When you’re not savoring these precious moments and sharing snapshots with family, you’re busy keeping up with all the changes the baby goes through. Gifts that anticipate future stages of baby’s development are thoughtful—especially if they can fit in the nursery. Baby play mats provide a soft, safe surface for babies to do tummy time and play with toys as they learn to sit. Then, when it’s time to start walking, play mats soften falls and stumbles as your baby makes their first steps. These are the kinds of gifts that grow with a baby—and every parent can get on board with that!

Other nursery favorites include changing table covers, burp cloths, extra bottles, age-appropriate toys, drawer organizers, soft blankets (for babies over 12 months old), sleep sacks, baby moccasins, and baby food prep and storage solutions. Caring for a baby requires a lot of extra gear, so you don’t have to worry about giving a parent a duplicate set of bottles or socks. These will be used and be handy when the parents are in a pinch.

How to Commemorate Your Baby’s First Christmas

Do you have a baby that is about to experience the holidays for the first time? There are some gifts that most parents exclusively want to give their baby. For example, parents often like to gift baby’s first Christmas outfit since it’s one of the most memorable baby keepsakes. Adding Baby’s first Christmas stocking to the staircase or fireplace mantel is another milestone moment that parents savor. Here are some other ways to commemorate your baby’s first Christmas:

  • Have relatives and friends sign the baby’s first Christmas card and save it for your child to read when they’re older.
  • Order your baby’s first Christmas ornament and have it ready to hang on the tree throughout the holiday season.
  • Do a Christmas photo shoot with your baby and send personalized greetings to family and friends with these images.

By getting keepsakes and professional photos done, you can freeze this moment in time. As your baby grows up, you can always reflect on these precious months and remember how special this season was. They’re also a reminder that there are more wonderful days to come. Indeed, many Christmases will come as your baby grows, and each year has a different milestone to celebrate, such as your toddler’s first bicycle, school-age child’s first tablet, and so much more!

Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments

Your baby’s first Christmas ornament is a keepsake that you can put on your tree yearly. Find a variety of ornaments that you can personalize with writing or photos. Because these will be part of your family tradition, make sure that the ornament is made of materials that won’t break easily or fade. Ceramic is a popular choice because porcelain can last for generations with good care. Glass is another alternative, but it should be thick and not too thin or delicate. Plastic may fade or warp when exposed to too much heat or sun, so choose ornaments in this material with caution.

Baby’s First Christmas Stockings

Christmas stockings should be made out of solid and high-quality materials that can hold a lot of stocking stuffers. These will need to last for years as they are part of the typical family’s Christmas tradition. You can choose various materials, such as cotton blends, wool, silk, and anything else that reminds you of your baby. Keep in mind, too, that the baby will grow up, so think of an evergreen design, such as traditional Christmas designs with candy canes, reindeer, or snowflake patterns. You may embroider their name on the stocking for long-lasting, high-quality labeling.

To preserve stockings after the holidays, keep them in a vacuum-sealed bag so that oxygen, moisture, pests, and water don’t destroy the fabric. It would help if you also stored these in a container that doesn’t absorb any sunlight, so the colors don’t fade. This way, everyone’s stockings will be just as good-looking as the day you bought them, year after year.

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Celebrating baby’s first Christmas is an exciting and joyful time for parents, friends, and family. We can’t wait to see how you choose to commemorate this special occasion. Share all your favorite holiday moments with your baby by tagging us on social with the hashtag #MyAshleyHome. We can’t wait to see how you made the most of this precious milestone!