When it comes to holiday decorations, there are two types of people: those who live for the holidays and those who aren’t looking forward to the extra work. Whichever category speaks to you, we have holiday home decor ideas you’re sure to love—ranging from simple and inexpensive, to extravagant and over-the-top. So, let’s make this most wonderful time of the year sparkle with style:

Create a Warm Welcome with Outdoor Holiday Decorations

If you want to create a true holiday experience, make it one that sparkles from the inside out. Beyond typical stringed Christmas lights, we have lots of unique holiday decorating ideas—and you’ll be happy to hear that they don’t involve hours of de-tangling or set-up. In fact, adding just one or two simple outdoor holiday decorations makes all the difference.

The Classic Fall Pumpkin

rustic decorative metal silver pumpkin

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween—they’re iconic symbols that can be used throughout the holidays. Place one or two on your doorstep for festive entryway decor.  Go out to a pumpkin patch and pick one to spray paint your favorite color, or keep it simple with this chic, metallic gray pumpkin—it has the perfect amount of holiday shimmer.

Wooden Christmas Trees

three decorative wood Christmas trees

Who says Christmas trees are only for the living room? We certainly don’t think so—and who wants to stick with ordinary holiday decorating ideas anyway? Add this cute trio of wooden Christmas tree decorations to your outdoor space for a positively cozy touch.

Chill Your Drinks the Holiday Way

metal barrel deer drink cooler can also be used as planter

Fall is a wonderful season to spend time outdoors—huddling by a backyard fire pit just sounds so pleasant. Add music and cold drinks and you’ve got yourself a party. Keep this charming friend by your side as an interesting spot to hold your drinks. The rustic, scrapped metal look makes it a great conversation piece.

Greet Your Guests with Festive Entryway Decor

We can’t forget about entryway styling on our ultimate list of holiday decorating ideas. Front door and foyer holiday decorations welcome guests while setting the mood.

harvest leaves fall welcome mats

"happy pumpkin spice season" rug

Start your holiday decorating on the right foot with a stylish mat. Holiday doormats are a great option to add a punch of cheer underfoot. Plus, it’s an incredibly easy way to spruce up your entryway decor with virtually no effort. We love the pretty foliage montage and the pumpkin spice mat that pays homage to one of the best things about fall.

And when it comes to Christmas themed mats, there are so many options to choose from. Whether you prefer traditional holiday doormats…

Pink doormat with a wreath on it


"Dont get your tinsel in a tangle" doormat

or just plain cute entryway decor…

Three dogs pictured on a doormat wearing santa hats

we can help you find the perfect one!

Holiday Door Decorating

metal santa with bell door hanger

First impressions are important, so why not create a cheerful one? Guests will smile every time at this jolly Santa door hanger—perfect for holiday door decorating. The hand-painted look and playful bell will add loads of holiday charm to your entryway decor.

Hang a DIY Holiday Wreath

Holiday Wreath

The supplies needed to create a diy holiday wreath for the door

Wreath-making is one of the most enjoyable projects on our list of holiday decorating ideas. It’s your chance to create one-of-a-kind holiday home decor that matches your personal aesthetic. Feel free to let your imagination go wild, because there’s really no “wrong way” to go about it. If you’re a fan of traditional style, our guide shows you how to create one filled with bells, holly, pine cones and more.

A finished holiday wreath hanging on a red front door.

If you prefer unique, cutting-edge wreath ideas, try out this cool modern fall wreath. It’s a simple project that requires a picture frame, ribbon, embellishments of your choice and a hot glue gun.

Whether you’re drawn to traditional or edgy style, there are tons of wreath ideas to explore. Plus, you can use them as indoor holiday decorations too.

DIY: Mason Jar Lights

mason jar with christmas lights inside.

There’s just something happy and nostalgic about Christmas lights. Utilize them in a creative way by making Mason jar lights. The finished product is impressive and they’re actually very simple to create. You’ll need small, battery-operated twinkle lights to place in the jars. You can set these glowing beauties on a front porch table, or create a shabby-chic outdoor sconce by tying them up with grapevine wire and hanging them off an anchored swivel hook.

A Convenient Coat Rack for Guests

espresso trophy rack to hang jackets and keys on.

Enchant Your Living Room

The family room is where everything happens, so it only makes sense to pay close attention to your living room decor. Whether you envision a shiny winter wonderland or a traditional holiday abode, we have holiday decorating ideas that will hit the mark with festive flair.

Holiday-Themed Throw Pillows

Every living room needs cozy decor elements, like this throw pillow. A few holiday-themed throw pillows add the perfect amount of seasonal flair without going overboard.

Mantel Decorating

Fireplace mantels are the perfect spot for showing off your holiday decorations. Let your creative side shine with combinations of holiday accents, greenery and wall art. Our fall mantel decorating tutorial shows you how to achieve a fashionable fall look in just a few easy steps. The same concept can easily be applied for the winter season.

Pinecones and candles on a tray

No holiday decorating ideas list is complete without pinecones. Fresh pinecones on your fireplace mantel add a lovely, natural touch.  We even have a handy guide to show you how to make scented pinecones – perfect for holiday accents or gift-giving.

vintage fabric Christmas stocking garland

Garlands are another cute mantel decorating idea. This colorful stocking garland has tons of potential uses: drape them on a mantel, string them up with ornaments and decorations on the Christmas tree or hang them on a staircase railing.

Subtle Holiday Accents

three galvanized metal christmas tress with star finials

These holiday accents provide the perfect touch of sheen without going all out. There’s sophistication in subtlety, and these decor accents prove it true.

These holiday accents provide the perfect touch of sheen without going all out. There’s sophistication in subtlety, and these decor accents prove it true.

Cast a charming glow in your living room with candle decor. These reindeer tea light holders will surely rein in guests’ attention. Candle holders are so easy to decorate with since you can place them anywhere: on end tables, coffee tables, mantels or pier cabinets.

Greeting Card Decor

shaped black metal photo holders

Holiday decorations should put you in a happy mood, so spread smiles all around with this festive holiday or greeting card holder. Guests will love seeing their cards on display, as it shows them you truly appreciate their friendship. How’s that for joyful holiday home decor?

Christmas Tree Decorating Tips & Tricks

Of course, no list of holiday decorating ideas is complete without including the Christmas tree. Decorating the tree is a mighty task, so read on for tips that help streamline the process and create stunning results.

Think of Christmas Tree Themes

Choosing Christmas tree decorations can be overwhelming. How many colors is too many? What do you top the tree with? All of these questions can be easily answered once you’ve narrowed in on a specific theme. There are tons of Christmas tree themes to choose from. You can dazzle guests with an eye-catching color palette, an ombre effect, retro style or floral theme. The sky’s the limit, so there’s absolutely no pressure in choosing “the right” one.

Decorate in the Correct Order

Once you’ve picked your perfect theme, ensure quick and easy styling by adding ornaments and holiday accents in the correct order. First, string up the lights. Afterwards, add garlands or ribbons. Finally, add ornaments and a tree topper. Easy.

Add a Mix of Ornament Types

set of three metal Christmas snowflake ornaments

Decorating with a variety of ornaments will add layers of interest to your tree. For example, if you choose a plaid theme, incorporating ornaments in a variety of sizes, textures and shapes in complementing colors will add depth. These galvanized snowflake ornaments are a perfect example of decorations that go with any Christmas tree theme.

Decorate with Unique Cards

Did you know that holiday cards can double as wonderful Christmas tree decorations? Get creative this year with this simple holiday painter tree cards tutorial. Your friends will love them and your tree will stand out with these unique ornaments, all the way until gift exchange day.

Holiday Dinner Table Setting Ideas

Hands down, one of the best things about the holidays is food. There’s nothing like sitting around the table and sharing delicacies with your closest friends and loved ones. To make the experience even more memorable, we added table setting tips and designs to our list of holiday decorating ideas.

Get Creative with a Holiday Centerpiece

A fruit holder and decorative fruit next to each other.

Add signature style to the dinner table by creating a holiday centerpiece. A simple cornucopia of fruit and greenery is always welcome. If you don’t want to go the fresh route, you could place decorative fruit in a stylish fruit holder, add a few sprigs of pine or holly, and voila!

Decorate the Table with Holiday-Themed Dinnerware

holiday plates and spoons

Home Accents Be Thankful Platter, Home Accents Leaf Serving Set, Home Accents Thankful Cheese Utensils, Home Accents Artisan Melamine Salad Plates

Holiday-themed dinnerware is an easy way to give your decor an upscale vibe. Investing in a unique set of cheese utensils or a dinner platter will add refinement to your dinner table.

Wow Your Guests at the Bar

metal wall art cheers

The bar can often become the central hub at parties. Set a cheerful tone with a chic piece of wall art placed strategically above the bar. This one is perfect for the season and can be used year-round.

Bar cart decorated with drinks and holiday decor

If you don’t have the space for a designated built-in drink station, try a bar cart. They’re easy to move around when you need to rearrange the party layout, and are so fun to decorate. Our guide details five top shelf styling ideas for your holiday bar cart.

Give Your Guests a Taste of Holiday Cheer

set of four stemless wine glasses with sentimental decals

Add another element of joyful design with holiday-themed drinkware. These stemless wine glasses double as holiday decorations with their heartfelt messaging in beautiful, scripted lettering.

Create a Holiday Tablescape

An autumn table setting can be easily achieved with lots of pumpkins and fall florals. It’s perfect for Thanksgiving—or Friendsgiving.

Creating a beautiful tablescape with a holiday centerpiece doesn’t take much time at all—and the results are jaw dropping. Focusing on lots of greenery is a classic way to create the perfect holiday centerpiece—and this tablescape only takes a few minutes to assemble.

Subtle Year Round Design Elements

Sometimes adding holiday sparkle can be a bit strenuous on your budget. Or, the thought of keeping holiday decorations in storage might turn you off. If you’re faced with either dilemma, we’ve included some holiday decorating ideas that can be used year-round.

Add a Metallic Touch

clear and gold glass vases and metal photo frames

Pops of metallic gold create a cheerful element. Pair this accessory set with red throw pillows and seasonal poinsettia flowers for a stylish look brimming with traditional holiday flair.

gold sequined accent pillow

Gray metallic pillow on a gray bed.

Sequin pillows look positively glam and work so well as holiday decorations. The gold pillow is simply eye-catching and the silver sequined pillow pairs beautifully with icy blue.

Set a Cozy Scene

white faux fur accent pillow

Oh baby, it’s cold outside—so warm up your home with faux fur accents. This snow white pillow will be the star in a winter wonderland.

Bring in a Candlelight Glow

Create your own candle holders for personalized holiday accents.  Hollowed out gourds with a tea light are perfectly festive, while a candle surrounded with natural cinnamon sticks are pretty and emit such a pleasant scent. The soft, flickering glow creates a homey mood that’s totally necessary for the holidays. For more candle decorating ideas, check out our in-depth guide.

With all of these ideas, it sure looks like Santa is coming to town, in the best of style. Which of our holiday decorating ideas are you planning to use this year? Make sure to snap a picture and share with the hashtag #MyAshleyHome—we’d love to see your beautiful holiday decorations!