Spruce Up Your Bedding

The bedding is the soul of the bedroom, adding both practical comfort and style to the space. There are a few steps in the process of learning how to pick out bedding that fits all of your needs at once. If you’ve ever picked up a comforter or sheet set on a whim and found it scratchy or faded after a single wash, you’ve known the frustration of a bedding mismatch. Find the right linens for every bed in your home with this guide from Ashley.

How to Refresh Your Bedding Basics

Start with the basics when sprucing up bedding across the home. From guest room bedding to sheet sets for active kids, there’s a perfect material for every bed. For beds used every night of the week, stick to high thread counts and softer materials like brushed cotton, jersey, and suede-like microfiber. For less-used guest rooms, try all cotton sheet sets that are easy to keep clean and won’t lose their crispness while waiting for another guest. Breathable cotton sheets are best for kids, but if they like a smoother surface, sateen or flat polyester can work well while remaining easy to clean. Stick to dark colors for beds that are used less often and white or lighter colors for regularly used sheets to make it easy to tell when you need to strip the bed and clean everything.

How to Set Up a Cozy Bedroom

Want a bed so cozy you find it hard to climb out of in the morning? Collect your master bedroom bedding ideas based on your area’s seasons and average temperatures. If you deal with hot summers, you want queen-size comforter sets made from cotton or linen and with a light lining for those months. Coziness in the summer may mean using cooling bamboo sheets and a waffle knit blanket that lets heat escape while still keeping you feeling cradled by your bedding. Getting too warm over the summer nights reduces your sense of coziness, so look for cooling bedding solutions that are nonetheless soft and cuddly.

In the winter, anyone with chilly temperatures should consider switching to a down alternative comforter or other heavier material like chenille. Heavier quilts and blankets settle in around you to keep warm air trapped around your body, resulting in a much more cozy experience. Don’t forget about woven throws and fleece blankets that keep even the coldest winter temperatures at bay.

Tips for Finding the Best Bedding

You’ll need to consider more than just the size of your mattress when choosing the right bedding for a cozy feel. Some king-size comforter sets make you feel like you’re wrapped in a cloud, while others might smother you or leave you shivering on a chilly night. One trick for finding cozy bedding is to look for more unusual materials like Tencel, bamboo, and silk. They’re best used in the master bedroom where you can appreciate the smooth and comfortable feel every night. When considering comforters and quilts, check into the filling material. Basic synthetic fluff can only provide so much coziness. Down alternatives settle down around your body for a much more comforting feeling. Thicker fillings create a higher loft, which means the comforter surrounds you like a cloud. If the filling lets air flow through, you can be cozy without getting too warm in the summer months.

Accessories That Complete Your Bedding

While kids’ bedding sets may be all you need to complete their bedrooms, master and guest bedrooms deserve some extra details to elevate the sleeping experience. Bedding accessories can make all the difference in bringing elegance and comfort to any size of bed. Matching bed skirts make it easy to change the look of your frame or disguise what’s being stored under the bed. A wrap-around bed skirt is the easiest to put on and take off as needed. Consider a variety of pillows as well. In addition to the standard pillow for your head, you may want buckwheat-filled cushions for firm support when reading and reclining. Knee pillows and body cushions help you adjust your posture while sleeping for extra comfort. For the finishing touch on a cozy bedding design, add an extra soft throw made from fleece or knitted chunky wool.

How to Set Up Pillows on a Bed

Pillows are the finishing touch on your master room bedding design. Bed pillows range from the fluffy ones that support your head as you snooze to more decorative accent and throw pillows. Check out the number of shams included with any comforter sets you’re considering to get a feel for how many pillows you’ll need. Most people have one to two sleeping pillows per person using the bed, plus one to two shams per person for decoration. Tuck the sleeping pillows under the comforter and arrange the shams or accent pillows over the top, so they’re easy to remove when it’s time for bed. If your bed is arranged along a wall on one side, consider adding a few extra bed pillows to decorate that area as well.

How to Make Your Bed Feel Luxurious

Adding new bedding can transform a ho-hum bed into a sanctuary that’s reminiscent of the most luxurious hotel. Luxury duvet covers go a long way in stretching your budget as well, especially if you use your current comforter that has lost its appeal. You get a brand-new, high-end look without having to invest in all-new bedding from scratch. For sheets, up the thread count and look for brushed or tumbled products for a softer and more broken-in feeling.

Now that you’ve learned some easy ways to spruce up your bedroom with bedding upgrades explore everything Ashley has to offer in that category. We can supply you with super-soft sheet sets, warm and cuddly comforters, and duvet covers that add a luxury touch to any bed. Pair these bedding options with our attractive bed frames and durable mattresses for a better night’s sleep all around.