Every season has its beauty from carefree summer days to the cozy days of winter. Refreshing your home with new decor and furniture is a great way to invite novel vibes into your home. This allows you to enjoy the charms of each season and keep your home looking on-trend. At the end of fall, trick-or-treating season and Thanksgiving are over, which sets the stage for frosty and cheerful winter. This is when you can use some new winter decor ideas to make your home look just right for cold weather.

During the winter, homes are overall colder because of the lower outdoor temperature. Even in the South, there can be some cold days, so it’s smart to equip your home with warm linens and accessories to get through the season. Ashley’s winter decorations are inspired by many favorite styles like farmhouse, traditional, glam, and Christmas house so that every designer can achieve their exact vision. Here are some tips on winter home decor to make your home exactly the way you picture it.

How to Decorate for the Winter Months

In the winter, you’re more likely to have extra pillows and throw blankets around the home. This is because temperatures are normally lower, and it’s convenient to pick up something cozy to stay warm. It also looks more comfortable and inviting to see a couch decorated with buffalo plaid or faux fur pillows. Every personality and preference is different, so you will see many different winter themes at play. Here are some main themes that people love for decorating their homes.

  • Glam – If it sparkles or shines, it’s in. We’re talking about velvet throws, sparkly candle holders, warm and cool metals, gold plated accessories, sequins, and all that “happy new year” dazzle that you’d expect from a bold and fun theme. Decorate your house from the outside in with sparkly winter door decor like tinsel wreaths or whimsical LED lights.
  • Farmhouse Modern- This combines the best of rustic elegance with the convenience of modern functionality with furniture and accessories that stick to organic materials. Picture barn doors and chunky knit throws with plenty of indoor plants while a pot of coffee slowly brews in the kitchen. Plush chenille pillows on couches and beds also prime the house for a rustic winter feel.
  • Traditional – Tried and true winter decor can fit in practically any home. Typical winter homes have beds fitted with soft flannel sheets and pillows. Meanwhile, frosted candle holders grace the fireplace mantel. Faux and lifelike evergreen foliage in wreaths and garlands dress up doorways, tables, and porch fronts.
  • Christmas – Everyone has a friend obsessed with Christmas — or maybe you yourself can’t get enough of winter wonderland decorations. In this theme, there will be Christmas decor everywhere — from reindeer to snowmen to Santa’s sleigh itself. Ornaments aren’t limited to inside either. Front yards, porches, and even rooftops will experience the glow-up of Christmas decorations.

Many of these accents can also be used throughout the year or cross over into other seasons. For example, a traditional knit throw blanket can be used throughout fall and spring. This allows you to optimize your styling budget to get high-quality pieces you can use year after year.

Find the Best Winter Throw Pillows for Your Living Room

Living rooms are the hub of the home. It’s where picture frames of your loved ones are on full display and also where you can go to relax at the end of the day. Exchanging your fall-themed pillows for wintry textures and prints will create a dramatic change that doesn’t break the bank. You can also hang winter-themed picture frames and place frosty candle holders and candy bowls on your coffee table or use them as winter mantel decor. With so many decor options, you can keep your living room on theme and entirely to your taste.

  • Pro Tip: Do you already have enough pillows but still want to switch up your look? You don’t have to buy more pillows when you can simply switch out pillow covers! Wash them and use them as often as you like so they always look new. You can also alternate different looks within the same season, such as exchanging early winter’s Christmas themes to New Year sparkles in a snap.

When to Put Lanterns and Candles Out for the Winter

When the time change hits toward the end of the year, indoor and outdoor lighting becomes all the more essential. Ashley’s Christmas lanterns and candles allow you to dress your home up from the inside out in minutes. Lighting like LED candles and lanterns make excellent winter porch decor and relaxing living room lighting for those low-key evenings. You may put your lanterns out anytime you like, but you’ll definitely get the most use out of them when sunsets happen earlier in the day. If you choose to have them out earlier before the time change, lanterns can also serve as supplemental porch and living room decorative pieces without the illumination.

Winter Porch Decor Ideas

Your curb appeal can get a significant boost from new outdoor winter decor. Welcome your guests and present a stylish appearance to your neighbors with new outdoor furniture and other winter decorating essentials from Ashley. Miniature Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, faux outdoor plants that can withstand the chill, and durable outdoor rugs and cushions are just the tip of the iceberg. You can also find plenty of non-Christmas porch elements like winter-themed outdoor pillows, throws, and cute snowman figurines.

How to Create a Wintry Wonderland in Your Home

Whether you love to put up a Christmas tree and center your winter decorating around it, or you prefer winter solstice decorations, you can create the best winter wonderland with decor from Ashley. Here are some winter decorating ideas to transform your home.

  • Use winter-themed dinnerware like snowflake printed plates and frosty mugs for cocoa and coffee.
  • Replace the past season’s decor with winter-themed table runners, placemats, and rugs.
  • Replace autumn wall art with winter wall decor like candy canes, slogan signs, and paintings of wintry landscapes.
  • Transform every bedroom with insulating drapes to update your windows and exchange fall bedding for cozy winter comforters.

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