It’s movie night, and you’ve got the urge to watch a movie on a big screen in full surround sound. But the urge to put on shoes and drive somewhere? Practically nonexistent. With your very own home theater room, you can watch your favorite movies while wearing your favorite pajamas. You don’t even have to smuggle snacks in under your shirt! Just dim the lights, lie back, and hit play. 

Before you can truly relax and max, you’ll need to get the most important aspect of your home theater right: your theater seating. After all, you can’t just use any old chair for your theater setup. And even a giant couch wouldn’t feel the same as a big, cozy recliner. So how do you choose? 

When shopping for recliners there are some features you should keep in mind:  

  • Is there enough space for my snacks? 
  • Does it have USB ports so I can charge my phone? 
  • Is there storage space for my comfy throw blankets
  • Will it be functional in my space? 
  • Does it mesh well with my home’s style? 

Understanding what your home theater room requires is essential when it’s time to buy your recliner If you’re still unsure about which option will work best in your home, Ashley HomeStore has three powerful home theater recliner options that the whole family will love. 

Home Theater Seating Options 

Option 1: The Man-Den Triple Power Reclining Loveseat with Console  

Don’t let the name fool you: this is the perfect recliner for two. It delivers all the comfort and style you could ask for. The seating area is covered in real leather with a “perforated automotive” treatment for a high-end appeal. The recliner also features a one-touch power control with Easy View™ that allows the chair to have an adjustable headrest, power lumbar support, USB charging, and wireless phone charging. 

The storage console in the middle has two cup holders with two layers to accommodate drink containers. You get both storage in the middle console and an armrest on each end (with included storage compartments!) So rest assured you can always keep those snacks easily accessible.  

Option 2: Party Time Dual Power Reclining Sofa 

Your home theater won’t be complete until you have all the creature comforts that you need. Quite honestly, it’s a real party with this recliner. Taking its cue from luxury automobiles, this power reclining sofa features lattice and crosshatch stitching for that rich, tailored aesthetic that you won’t find anywhere else. The padded cushions and rich faux leather upholstery add to the indulgence. The armrest flips up and reveals the hidden storage, allowing you to keep personal items stored while enjoying the movie.

The center seat folds down into a table, which creates a place for your snacks and ensures no popcorn bits end up in between the cushions. You can also feel free to make the room pitch black and still find your way around the recliner, as it features LED lighted cupholders, an LED light under the center seat headrest, and underneath LED lighting. For those luxurious movie nights in your personal home theater, what more could you ask for? 

Option 3: Composer Dual Power Recliner 

If you prefer to sit solo this is the recliner for you. The Composer power recliner features an Easy View™ headrest that makes it easy to maintain neck comfort even at maximum recline. The extended ottoman is essential if you’re looking for full relaxation, as it provides extra length for you to rest your legs. One of the best features of this recliner is the LED lights in the base and the cup holders.

There’s absolutely no way you’ll miss your seat with the support of the lighting. Lastly, don’t worry about having to watch a movie without keeping your phone on hand. This recliner also includes USB charging ports in the power controls.  

Home theater seating is one of the most important aspects of your home theater setup. It’s the decadent place where you can kick back with your favorite movies and snacks and have a great time. Having the right home theater recliners will make your experience so much greater (and your dad’s naps during the movie a whole lot better!)