Your bookcase might not stand out as a decorating priority. But it should! Bookcases aren’t just for books. Everything from choosing a bookcase to decorating empty shelves can add a touch of style to your space. But what should you fill the space with?

A bookcase serves as the perfect space for storage and display. Today, we’re sharing ideas and inspiration to make your bookcase just as stylish as it is functional.

Choosing a Bookcase

Selecting a bookcase comes down to many factors, like how much space you have and the style you’re going for. Maybe you need some corner storage for your office. Or perhaps you have a massive book collection you’re tired of keeping in the attic. Bookcases come in a variety of styles and sizes:

  • Standing bookcases
  • Ladder bookcases
  • Consoles
  • Cubbies
  • Corner bookcases
  • Wall units

Considering how much space you need helps you plan your bookcase decor. You can opt for any bookcase that best fits your room. The number of shelves in a bookcase can also make a difference. If you’re tight for space, go with height. Opting for a taller bookcase with more shelves gives you the storage you need without compromising on space to decorate.

If you’re anything like us, you’ll want your bookcase to be a fashion statement on its own. Many bookcases come in materials such as wood, metal, glass, or plastic. Stains and finishes can help you achieve the aesthetic you want.

How to Decorate Empty Bookshelves

After you choose a bookcase, now comes the fun part—decorations! Empty shelves can make even the most stylish room feel incomplete. So let’s fill them up. Bookshelves are the perfect space for an added pop of personality. Anything from picture frames to plants can have a spot on empty bookshelves. But it’s essential to follow a few tips and tricks to make sure you get the look you intend.

First, plan what you want to use as decorations for your bookcase. Items you already have around the house are always a perfect first choice. Despite the name, every shelf in a bookcase doesn’t need a book. Using some shelves strictly for décor creates a balanced, effortless look.

Always try to match décor with your room’s aesthetic. Play with the height and dimensions of your bookcase and the pieces you choose to determine what looks best. You might have a shelf that needs something more than a few books. That’s the perfect spot to add your favorite bookcase décor.

When decorating bookcases, place your biggest items on empty shelves first. This gives you an idea of other pieces to complement the look without clutter. Incorporate colors, textures, and materials to create dimension on your empty shelves.

Beyond Books: What to Add to Your Bookcase

Bookcases are no longer just a space for books. Bookcase décor should be a collection of your favorite standout pieces. Think of artwork, sculptures, plants, picture frames, magazines, vases, candles, and anything else that brings an element of style.

Maybe you only want to showcase your top reads of the month. Adding a decorative bookend and brightening the other side of the shelf with a plant or large sculpture can bring harmony to an otherwise bare shelf. You can incorporate endless decorations into your bookcase. And every shelf can showcase different pieces that speak to your personality and taste.

Bookcase Décor Ideas

With so many bookcase décor ideas, you might wonder where to start. Don’t worry! Here are five of our favorite bookcase decorating ideas.

Arranging Books by Color

Playing with color is one of the best ways to brighten any room. And there are many ways to do this. If you’re going for a specific look, purchase books with the same color scheme and organize them on your shelves. You can also match your books with pops of color in your room to give a sense of unity. Always incorporate texture and contrast in your bookcase décor to balance everything out.

Creative Bookends

Creative bookends are one of our favorite ways to amp up your bookcase décor. Of course, you can buy decorative bookends, but it’s even more fun to get innovative. Anything that weighs more than the books you’re trying to hold up can work as a bookend. You can use eclectic figurines, sculptures, vases, or even other books placed horizontally. The options are endless.

Decorating with Mementos

Mementos and special pieces are perfect to create a display of your favorite memories and showcase what’s beautiful to you. Global artwork, souvenirs from travels, and collectibles can take up space on your bookshelves. Maybe you have a knack for collecting sailboat memorabilia. Your bookcase is a great place to get nautical. You can even use horizontally stacked books as pedestals for smaller items you want to shine.

Bookshelf Art

Art lovers will find endless opportunities to display their most cherished finds. Art pieces of all colors and styles can work harmoniously on a bookshelf if the colors coordinate. Lean artwork against the back of your shelves and anchor them with books or heavier pieces. Small pieces of art are ideal for decorating the front of the shelves. Place artwork at eye level so guests can take a look. You can also hang art décor off shelves to break up the lines of books.

Plants, Plants, Plant

Plants instantly brighten any room. Decorating a bookshelf with plants is a great way to add natural color and texture to your décor, especially if your bookcase is in a place that gets a lot of natural light. With plants, you can add a few or fill an entire shelf. Elevate your décor even higher with unique, decorative planters that tie your look together.

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