You’ve decked out your dining room with the latest trends and stylish pieces, but something still feels missing. Chandeliers and pendant lights are the answer to your problem. The right lighting can tie a room together, creating the perfect aesthetic and a warm, welcoming feeling. But one issue still remains. You don’t know how to hang a chandelier.

Before you call an electrician, take a stab at it yourself. You can hang most chandeliers under 50 lbs. on your own with a little guidance from us. Today, we’ll walk you through how to hang a chandelier or pendant lights to bring your vision of your space to life.

Quick Guide to Hanging a Chandelier

Hanging a chandelier can seem complicated at first. But it’s quite simple. Whether you’re wondering how high to hang a chandelier over a table or how to hang a chandelier from the ceiling, taking a few precautions beforehand will ensure your chandelier embodies the look you’re going for.

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and measure before you start so your chandelier is centered. By following our recommendations, you can easily install most chandeliers. Here’s our quick guide to hanging a chandelier:

Flip the main breaker circuit to turn off the power in the room you’re working in. Double-check the lights are off by flipping the light switch. Assemble the fixture following the manufacturer’s instructions. Decide where you want your chandelier to hang and your desired height. Lay the lamp and chain in a straight line and measure the total length, removing any links to fit your desired measurement.

Prepare the ceiling box, ensuring it’s secure. Disconnect the wiring from your old light fixture. Then hang the chandelier using the manufacturer’s instructions. You’ll generally install the chandelier mounting bracket by attaching it to the ceiling box with screws and hooking the end of the chandelier into the bracket.

Connect the wires: Newer fixtures often have a white neutral wire and a black current wire. Use a wire stripper to cut any damaged ends and strip the insulated covering from the wires. Connect the wires from your fixture to the wires in the ceiling box, coordinating the colors. Twist the ends together, securing them with a wire nut. Secure all wires in the ceiling box and cover it with the decorative canopy of the fixture, securing everything tightly with the collar ring. Insert light bulbs. Test your new chandelier!

Centering Your Chandelier in Your Dining Room

Placing your chandelier in the right spot is vital to complementing your space. Dining room tables are often the locus where a perfect chandelier can take center stage. If you’re hanging your fixture in the dining room, it should be proportionate to your room’s measurements and centered over the table.

Measuring your dining room table is also vital when centering your chandelier. Always choose a chandelier that’s smaller than the width of your dining room table. When measuring, we recommend selecting a fixture that’s at least 12 inches narrower than your table and leaving 48 inches from each of the room’s walls. For average ceiling height (8 inches), hang your chandelier about 30 inches over your table.

If you’re faced with off-centered light fixtures, we have a solution. Simply use a ceiling hook and extra chain to swag the chandelier in the desired spot. Then screw the hook into a ceiling joist to support the weight of your fixture.

Types of Chandeliers by Style

Chandeliers come in several styles, and choosing the right one can elevate your space to the next level. Your options are endless, from traditional crystal chandeliers to modern, minimalistic designs. Here are some common types of chandeliers by style:

Candle chandeliers: A modern twist on the original chandelier, candle chandeliers mimic candlelight with candle-like bulbs. These fixtures complement many décor styles, giving a rustic feel or a classic elegance, depending on your space.

Antler chandeliers: A country favorite, antler chandeliers offer an authentic natural vibe, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts, hunting lodges, and cabins.

Crystal chandeliers: These chandeliers are another classic for an elegant staple, coming in various shapes and sizes. Crystal chandeliers make a statement, scattering light in all directions to amp up any space.

Glass chandeliers: For a simple, minimalistic look, glass chandeliers feature dangling pieces of glass. Another show-stopper, a glass chandelier is your perfect standout piece to tie any space together.

Modern chandeliers: Modern chandeliers come in several styles and sizes, often exuding an eclectic feel. From futuristic to minimalist, modern chandeliers are perfect for today’s contemporary spaces.

Drum chandeliers: These chandeliers are ideal to create a welcoming environment in your space. Drum chandeliers are typically short, wide, circular chandeliers with shade around them. They exude warm light throughout any room.

Bowl chandeliers: Bowl chandeliers bring effortless classiness to your space. While essentially a bowl shape, they come in many styles with glass and metal adornments.

Ways to Hang Pendant Lights

So, we’ve covered chandeliers, but the question of how to hang a pendant light remains. Luckily, hanging pendant lighting is quite similar to chandeliers. Pendant lights are a staple to incorporate trendy lighting into your space. Your kitchen island or right above your living room center table are perfect spots to adorn with gorgeous pendant lights. Just like hanging a chandelier, you’ll want to shut off the room’s circuit breaker, remove your old lighting, and follow the same installation steps.

Pendant lights should hang about 12 to 20 inches below an 8-foot ceiling. If your ceiling is taller, add 3 inches for each foot. Spacing is vital with pendant lights since areas like your kitchen island often look great with multiple fixtures. Be sure to measure to create the perfect spacing between each light. For example, when hanging three fixtures, start with the first pendant light in the center of the island. Then, space out the other lights according to your island’s measurements.

There are countless ways to use chandeliers and pendant lights to elevate your space. Shop Ashley’s wide selection of light fixtures to complete the home of your dreams.