Looking for a natural getaway to relax? Look no further than the possibility of your own bedroom. This is the room where it’s important to relax and emerge feeling refreshed. To find how the rustic look of the modern farmhouse trend fits in your home, read our tips!

1. Decide Your Style

The first step to take for creating an escape is to choose a style that appeals to you. Why not try the rustic look of modern farmhouse? Rustic evokes a bygone era, where things were inspired by simplicity. It also ushers in a connection with nature through use of raw materials like natural linen fabrics, supple leathers, wood, brick and stone. You’ll love the flexibility of this style because it opens up unlimited possibilities for creating unique surroundings. How about a farm house, cottage, log cabin or perhaps woodsy resort feel? Let your imagination take over and envision the place you want to be.

2. Work the Room

Once you’ve decided on this look, make sure the room itself has rustic elements. These may already be present in the form of wood beams, wood floors, planked walls, stone work and bricks. You want to see rough, heavy textured surfaces. If any of these are missing, consider adding one or two, then combine the elements with neutral colored walls for a rugged, warm look.

3. Mix it Up

Now it’s time to let your creativity flow into designing a soft and dreamy sleep haven. First, roll out a natural fiber rug. Furnish the room with distressed wood furniture; specifically, look for furniture with planking, distressing and hardware that has an antique or rub-through finish. Rather than choosing a bed, dresser and nightstands in the same style wood, opt to mix and match. For example, use a lighter wood planked headboard/footboard combination for the bed and then use dark wood nightstands.

Neutral color accents complement this look. Accent the bed with a tan comforter or duvet. Add unique hanging metal lamps, chandeliers or lanterns for light. Tell time with a vintage clock at the bedside.

Now you can sleep in rustic chic! For more inspiration, browse our boards on Pinterest. If you create the farmhouse-inspired home of your dreams, tag us on Instagram with #MyAshleyHome to possibly be featured on our feed!