Having an organized space is an essential step to making your house a home, because a clutter-free space is a clean slate for decor and time spent in your home. To do this, we love incorporating lots of storage solutions to hide any messes or pieces you can’t seem to part ways with! But what about the epitome of personal storage, your closet. Often, because they are tucked away, closets become an overlooked space in your home. However, we think they are one of the most important to focus on.

So, whether you’re working with a small space or a Kardashian-worthy walk-in, your closet should be a very personal space, holding and organizing your clothes, shoes and maybe even a memory box or two! But what if yours is a tad messy? Let’s talk about how to maximize your space and create the closet of your dreams. 

Why Declutter Your Closet?

First things first: Decluttering! Why is it important to rid your closet space of unnecessary items? To make room for new clothes, of course! This is especially on our minds at the start of a new season. It means it’s time for a new wardrobe, right? Well, okay maybe not all new clothes, but it’s the perfect time to rotate in some of your favorite pieces that you haven’t worn in a while. Plus, rotating your clothes based on the time of year can actually make you feel like you have a whole new wardrobe every few months, without spending the extra money. 

Don’t forget about the increased efficiency and cleanliness that a closet declutter can bring to your everyday life. It removes the stress of “not having anything to wear”. After a clear out, you are left with options you really want and love to wear. A streamlined wardrobe will also clear up space in your closet for organization. So try sorting by type of item, color or seasonal wear.

Spice Up Your Decor

Find new ways to store your closet essentials and showcase your style! Displaying your favorite outfits on a clothing rack in your bedroom can be a fun way to play up your decor and make some extra closet room. Adding a clothing rack can help add more pops of color to the space, even if you prefer a neutral wardrobe. Display your favorite red dress or bright pantsuit for you to admire each day.

This is also a great way to plan outfits for the upcoming week, while subtly showing off that new top you just bought and can’t wait to wear or you want to give some tried and true pieces some extra love. If any of these appeal to you, we think we might have the perfect rack that will compliment your space. 

What You’ll Need

Now that you’ve decluttered and know where to put your belongings, let’s talk about how to store it to maximize space and style! It’s important to start with the basics of closet organization, like hanger selection. For instance, we suggest using velvet hangers to better grip your clothes and to prevent them from getting tangled. As for size, that depends on the items you wish to hang. Dresses, blouses and shirts need light support, so try a thinner option. Then with bulkier jackets and pants will require larger hangers. 

Let’s Talk About Closet Systems

So, what do you do if you have an abundance of closet space but no method of organization? First of all, we’re jealous. Second, it may be time to look into a closet system for your home. These features are great for many reasons, like: 

  •  None of your space will go to waste! Closet systems allow you to customize your storage space to fit exactly what you need it to organize, meaning no space goes unused. So if you are a sneakerhead or have an extensive coat collection, set up the closet system that meets your needs.
  • Your closet becomes your own personal shopping experience. Your clothes are thoughtfully organized and displayed in the closet for your perusing, just like in a high-end clothing store. We love the idea of shopping without even leaving the house. With, of course, the added bonus of already owning the pieces that are now just displayed in a way where you can see everything!
  • These customizations add value to your home for when you are ready to sell it. Closet systems create organized corners of your home. Prospective buyers are able to envision their own clothes hanging in the closet you have made. They are a thoughtful investment into the home you are building, so if a buyer sees them in a potential new home, their work is already done. 

When approaching your organization project, remember the important C’s: consolidate, clear out, clothing racks and closet systems. With our tips and tricks, closet organization can be a breeze! We hope you are able yours into the closet of your dreams, and we want to see the results. 

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