Fall Home Decor Guide

The leaves are turning beautiful shades of golden yellow and amber. The sun is setting sooner, and cool crisp nights are becoming the norm. Pumpkin spice is all around, and you begin to smell wood fires burning. All the signs of fall are in the air.

At Ashley, the first signs of fall are a nudge to start decorating. Fall is the start of the holiday season, when spending time with family is at the forefront. We want to help you create an inviting space where you and your guests feel right at home. You can find incredible deals on fall décor, from this year’s hottest fall trends to classic, timeless pieces. And the best part is, you won’t break the bank!

Decorating your home for fall is an exciting time to get everyone involved. Don’t know where to start? We’re sharing our favorite tips and tricks for decorating your home this fall.

How to Decorate Your Home for the Fall Season

When you think of fall, many things probably come to mind. Spending quality time with loved ones on Thanksgiving, pumpkin spice lattes, dressing the kids up for Halloween, and breathtaking foliage — to name a few. You probably can’t wait for these moments. But first, let’s start decorating!

Fall decorations bring a warm, cozy feel as the weather starts getting nippy. We love to play on rustic, neutral tones like oranges, reds, yellows, and browns. You can elevate the senses in any space with a touch of fall. The smell of apple cinnamon, colorful gourds, and a Thanksgiving garland can transform your home into everyone’s favorite place to be for the holidays.

Endless fall home decor ideas can elevate your space. Mix and match different fall trends, like bold colors, mixed metal finishes, and statement lighting, with classics, like pumpkins, pinecones, and fall foliage. Try to get the most for your dollar by choosing decorations that carry you through Halloween and Thanksgiving. Pumpkins, for example, are a fall staple we see throughout the season. You can use them at the beginning of fall and carve them during Halloween.

No matter where you draw inspiration from, always let your creative flare shine through in your home. The perfect fall decorations are waiting for you at Ashley. We have everything for your home, including eye-catching Thanksgiving wreaths, flowers, and garlands. Create the warmest welcome for your guests with our fall home decor.

When to Start Decorating for Fall

Summer nights start getting shorter and cooler pretty quickly. A general rule of thumb is to start decorating for fall once you notice the seasons changing. Around the end of September or early October is an ideal time. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start searching for fall decorations for home beforehand! It’s all up to you.

If you’re decorating for fall and Halloween, you might want to start with simple fall decor that you can keep throughout the season. Then as Halloween approaches, add small touches of decor to get in the spirit. That way, it’s easy to incorporate your Thanksgiving pieces once the Halloween fun is over. Seasonal pieces like wreaths and garlands ensure your home always has an overarching feel of fall, no matter what time of the season.

Popular Fall Décor Trends

Transform every room with the hottest fall home decor trends. This year, we’re noticing a shift from themes to subtle hints of decor. Let’s take Thanksgiving, for example. Instead of choosing decor with turkeys and pilgrims, consider Thanksgiving wall decor with a subtle message. Our Stupell Industries Be Grateful Wall Decor is a great statement to make you feel the energy of Thanksgiving in an elegant, trendy way.

The living room and dining room are often showstoppers for seasonal decorating. One of our favorite trends is stacking tiny pumpkins on any table. Pumpkins are a classic that automatically screams autumn. Bring a trendy spin to a fall staple, adding a casual pop of color to any room.

Your dining room table decor is essential. Bold, earth tones are always trending for fall. But surprisingly, green is becoming one of fall’s most popular shades. Incorporate green by decorating your dining room table with a basket of Granny Smith apples. Gourds and pumpkins are typically a first thought for festive, in-season decorations. It’s easy to forget fall is also apple season!

Create your gathering of apples in a long basket, alongside rocks, moss, mums, and green berries, for a truly creative, eye-catching centerpiece. Play on the rustic feel of fall by simplifying your table settings. Try timeless white plates with simple flatware and stemware, adding pops of color to your dinner napkins. You can even place a small pumpkin on each plate for an added flare.

Florals are still a hot topic this year, with so many ways to incorporate this trend. Floral wreaths, centerpieces, and dinner napkins are just a few. Our National Tree Company 18″ Harvest Gourd Hanging Basket beautifully combines sunflower blooms, berry clusters, maple leaves, pinecones, and assorted gourds in autumn colors. It’s perfect for hanging indoors or outdoors in a covered space.

Don’t forget to bring a little fall joy to other rooms and spaces in your home. Wow your Thanksgiving guests with bold wreaths adorned with fall foliage and autumn flowers before they even enter your home. Entryways are a perfect spot to add a festive rug, wreath, or fall wall decor. Up the coziness factor in your bedroom with fall flannels, plush rugs, and wall statement pieces.

Fall is an exciting time of the year. It marks the beginning of the holiday season, with plenty of family gatherings to spend with loved ones. We hope these fall decor ideas motivate you to start planning. Gather inspiration, but remember to put your style and creativity first. Can’t wait to start decorating? Check out our amazing deals on fall home decor at unbeatable prices.