You know that special moment when you feel the first hit of cool breeze in after a long summer? While it’s  still warm outside, that refreshing breeze whispers a promise that fall is just around the corner. Like many of our readers, we’re obsessed with all things fall. Hot cocoa, knit throws, cooler weather, autumn colors, and fall decor turn your summer cabana theme into a cozy autumn home. After all, fall is the season that many of us wait for all year. Not only do the color palettes of our wardrobe change for the season, but so do the colors and decor in our homes. We also get to enjoy bonfires with family, movie nights, Halloween costumes, and decorating with all our fall decor essentials.

Many of us start breaking out the fall home decor once we see the seasonal changes around us. When you feel the cooler weather, see the leaves turn red, yellow, and orange, and hear them crunch beneath your feet—it’s go time.

Or maybe it’s still warm but you simply just can’t wait to welcome fall. Indeed, many people just need to flip the calendar from August to September to signal that’s it’s out with the nautical theme and in with the gourds.

Whether you wait for the weather to change or are ready to go on September 1st, Ashley has all the essentials you need to get your fall on!

Fall Home Decor Guide for 2022

When it’s time to pumpkin-spice up your home for the fall, the first step is to remove any of your summer decor. Whether you need to pack up the beach babe theme, those coconut-scented candles, or hot pink accent pillows, you’ll want to store everything that doesn’t feel like fall. You may be able to recycle some accents, such as a tan throw blanket or some wicker coasters, so check out each item to see what can still work. Here are some other quick tips about setting up your home’s fall decor theme:

  • Think about your favorite fall things. Do you like fall leaves, pumpkins, accent gourds, dried foliage, or a combination of these accents? When you pinpoint your fav fall visuals, you can incorporate them into your home.
  • Pick your color palette for the season. If you chose the traditional fall orange, yellow, and burgundy last year, then try incorporating plums, olives, and browns. Layering between different color opacity can help create texture within any space.
  • Add texture to your home by mixing different materials and metals to help create a unified look while also sprinkling in fall foliage and decor.
  • Integrating a fall-themed area rug will bring more fall colors into any room—and provide cozy comfort to a room, especially if it has a hardwood floor.

Find Festive Fall Decor for Your Kitchen

Great eats happen in the fall. From the wonderful aroma of nutmeg in pies to the scent of cinnamon on top of your morning latte, it’s all about warm indulgence. For the ultimate autumn mood, your fall kitchen decor should flow seamlessly with the rest of your home. Replacing certain items to match your desired color palette is an easy way to incorporate fall into your kitchen. As we try to keep our kitchens tidy year-round, we don’t want our decor to interfere with counter space. Adding display shelving, wall art, and rugs to your kitchen space helps to bring a little bit of fall into your kitchen without the clutter.

The dining area is where most of the love and hard work goes into when decorating for the holiday. Be intentional about the items you incorporate into your fall table so that function meets fashion. Filling up a vase with acorns or adding fall florals can help bring forth organic elements incorporated into your home. Dried flowers in a ceramic vase make another excellent, long-lasting centerpiece. If you’re on a budget, you can still bring in fall by changing the color of your placemats, napkins, and dinnerware.

If you’re interested in saving space, then hanging framed art is one way to incorporate your fall kitchen decor theme into your dining room. Incorporating a server in your dining area can create a focal point for your dinner parties—as well as provide a source of valuable storage space. Also, adding fall wreaths and garlands to your dining area and the kitchen is another way to bring the fall wall decor to life without creating clutter.

Using plants and organic elements in your home adds a natural charm to your home. You can go right to your backyard and pick out your best-looking leaves too. Add them to a vase, arrange them on a tray, or get a little crafty and create a piece of artwork with them. However, be sure to wash them to make sure that no dirt tags along. Earthy elements such as these are also great foundations for dining room and kitchen centerpieces.

How to Decorate Your Living Room for Fall

Fall isn’t just the season when refreshing weather happens, it’s also when all your favorite shows start their new seasons. You know what this means—it’s TV binging season and you need your living room to reach maximum coziness STAT. Switch out your summer accents for creature comforts like fall throw pillows in suede, flannel, leather, or knit materials that add interesting texture to your sofa.

We also can’t forget the power of the fall blanket: the one accent that takes your home to the next level of coziness. Sprinkling in pieces that complement your personality and the fall colors that you love will help you achieve the perfect space with your fall home decor. Next, light up that cinnamon candle then sink into your couch with a bowl of hot, fresh popcorn and press play!

Bedroom Decor for the Fall Season

Transitioning your bedroom from summer to fall feels like unlocking the essence of fall. Make your bed extra cozy with velvety comforters, throws, and pillows. Then toss in fall scents for the ultimate autumn immersion. Fall room decor can be as simple as pulling out your burgundy, bronze, mustard, or plum throw pillows and blankets, setting out pumpkin spice candles, and arranging your fall decor collection on your nightstand. As always, be sure to be careful to get candles away from pets, kids, and flammable surfaces.

If you’ve been putting off that slipper chair purchase or that convenient end-of-the-bed storage trunk, now is the time to get one in a color and print that you can integrate with all your seasonal accents too! Knit blankets can turn these basic elements into a fall icon, adding both texture and the most tempting invitation to cuddle up in bed with a cup of hot chocolate. Also, adding seasonal artwork to your dressers and changing plain mirrors to ones with bronze finishes help brighten your room as the time changes and our rooms start to feel darker.

It’s Fall, Y’all!

Fall is a season with so much to look forward to. Whether it’s determining the appropriate number of pumpkins for your Halloween decor, which blankets are the comfiest for movie nights, or creating the perfect toasted s’mores, you are in for months of amazing memories. Spending quality time with family and friends or cozying up on the couch and binge-watching our favorite fall shows just lends a unique sense of happiness and warmth.

And displaying all that fun fall decor? It’s the perfect first step to prepare your home for all the fun to come.

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