Crank up the fireplace and don your favorite cozy sweater, because fall is upon us! Whether you’re a master designer or experimenting with fall decor for the very first time, pumpkins are a must-have accompaniment to your decor. Not only are they present in many of our delicious drinks and snacks (PSL, anyone?), but they’re also way more versatile than you think. We carve, paint and cook these orange beauties—so why not find multiple ways to decorate with them, too?

Give your home a seasonal refresh—here are a few fun ways to incorporate pumpkins around the house to get you in the fall spirit:


Traditional Decorating Ideas

There’s nothing wrong with taking a traditional approach to fall decor. After all, there’s a reason these trends are timeless.

Pumpkins on the Pathway

Want a pop of color on your front porch? Line the walkway with pumpkins on either side to guide guests and (eventually) trick-or-treaters to your doorstep. Even better—if they’re jack-o-lanterns, place LED candles on the inside so it’ll become a well-lit (and slightly spooky) path that everyone will enjoy walking by.

If you’re wanting something a little bit more unique, consider wrapping string lights around the outside of the pumpkins in fun clusters and rows. It’ll certainly be an eye-catcher!

The Ultimate Fall Centerpiece


Everyone loves a festive centerpiece. Whether you stack pumpkins or weave flowers and candles in between, they’re sure to dress up your table for warm, inviting conversations and meals with family. Experiment with different sizes and shapes (even the not-so-pretty pumpkins)—you’ll be surprised how much added dimension your table will have!

For extra flair, hollow out pumpkins (real or faux), place a vase filled with water inside and display your favorite flowers. All colors are welcome, as added shades and greenery give beautiful splendor at the table. For that quintessential fall feeling, opt for reds, yellows and even dark pinks and greens.

Also consider pumpkin votive holders. Simply remove the stem and place a small, scentless candle in its place. Decorate with U-pins or decorative push pins for a festive finish. For even smaller pumpkins, you can cut a hole around the stem and place the candle inside, so it fills most of the space.

Fireplace Pumpkins


Since pumpkins are orange like flames, they perfectly emulate a warm hearth when stacked inside a fireplace. This decor tip is especially helpful in warmer climates, where it doesn’t always get crisp and cool as we would like in the fall months. (Can link to the “make it feel like fall without the cold weather” blog too.)

Go above and beyond by carving flames, and even backlighting them with LED lights. That’ll really get the warm, fuzzy feelings of the hearth going (sans actual heat)!

Out-of-the-Box Decorating Ideas

Although pumpkin centerpieces and jack-o-lanterns are eternal fall staples, if you’re longing for something different, we’ve got you covered!


Succulent Pumpkins!

Go outside the fall palette with a touch of greenery. Succulents are ultra-trendy right now, so hollow out your pumpkins and decorate the tops with succulent clusters! Whether real or fake, they’ll contrast beautifully with orange, white or any other color pumpkin colors you can find. You’ll find a succulent pumpkin planter will make a delightfully different addition out on the porch, window sills or your foyer.

Want more decorating ideas to pair with succulents? Our mane + mason™ collection is designed to accompany greenery and natural design, all with a modern farmhouse twist. [Link to appropriate blog/resource here]

Turn Your Pumpkin into a Punchkin!

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Punch or cider, anyone? A hollowed-out pumpkin makes for an all-in-one festive decorating piece and functional drink holder. Carve a fun zigzag pattern when cutting off the top, or simply cut the top third of the pumpkin, hollow out the guts and seeds and fill with your favorite punch.

If you’re not big on punch, hollow out a pumpkin, fill it with ice, and place your wine bottle of choice for the evening. It’s a great way to minimize cleaning dishes later, while having a fun display piece at the same time.

Hutch Away


Pumpkins don’t always have to go in “usual” or “expected” spots. With some extra space in your hutch or dining cabinet, store some pumpkins to get that added bit of seasonality, without crowding countertops.

Taking this one step further, you can also adorn them on bookshelves, desks and even hallways!

Adapt Pumpkins to Your Style, Not the Other Way Around

Rather than changing your entire house to match the fall season, do the opposite! What do we mean by this? If you have a minimalist, rustic style, adapt pumpkins in your fall decor to accentuate those elements. For example, if you have a white fur rug, white pumpkins will blend seamlessly into the space while also elevating it.


The same can be done for coastal, contemporary or even glam households! Play around with how pumpkins can augment existing decor—you’ll find it’ll give your fall festivities a whole new look and feel.

What’s your favorite decorating idea from this list? We’d love to know! Use the hashtag #MyAshleyHome if you use any of these ideas—they could be featured on our Instagram!