Spring is in full swing! Whether your transition out of winter is slower than you had hoped, or you are enjoying sunshine and blooming flowers, we want to help you revamp your space. Let’s think outside of the spring-cleaning box and transform your space by opening it up.

We challenge you to try a Minimal May clear out when it comes to rearranging your space and introducing a new vibe to your home. Minimalism is a great way to approach decluttering your space and allows the pieces you love to take center stage. Scroll to read our full guide to achieving a more minimal home.

What is Minimalism?

Rooted in a lifestyle movement grounded in the idea of living intentionally, minimalism extends into interior design and home-making. In terms of home décor, following minimalist practices encourages us to remove excess from our lives. Do you have a hectic collection of empty vases that just collect dust on your shelves? Minimalism might be for you!

Minimalism can be found in any home and across interior design styles. Anyone who is a fan of modern farmhouse, industrial, bohemian or anything in between can follow these practices. This type of space making is focused on a lack of clutter and emphasis on sleek, seamless designs found in a room. So instead of having a handful of vases, find one that helps tie the room together rather than hinder positive energy flow.

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How Can I Make a Minimal Space?

Creating a minimal space starts with a serious declutter! Thankfully, minimalism is not an “all or nothing” concept, so the level of minimalism you achieve in your space is entirely up to you! And it could be a challenge you undertake over the course of a few months rather than all at once. Don’t worry, we are not asking you to throw away all those vases, just enough to clear the room and open things up.

If you need more time to get this task accomplished, that’s ok! Just be mindful of how you feel in your space and what has a function in your home. This might be a better guide for you over time instead of doing one large declutter. Another thing you can do is section the space and assess the clutter by category. Ask yourself the following:

  1. How many of these do I have?
  2. What is preventing me from having a minimal space?
  3. Why do I need less clutter?
  4. What can I see leave this home?

Does This Mean I Can’t Decorate My Home?

Absolutely not! You can still express your creativity by decorating your home when following a minimalist guide. The key is to remove clutter and excess from your space. This will open the room in a way that allows your design style to shine every more! Having a more minimal home will bring a cohesive look to each space.

To decorate your home through minimalism, use décor pieces to anchor the space and attract the eye. Like adding a throw pillow or blanket to a large sofa, or hanging a piece of art on a large, blank wall. When shopping for these pieces to achieve minimalism, you would just avoid ornate patterns or clashing prints.

Layering Patterns According to Minimalism

We love layering patterns to help create visual interest in a space! Adding accents with patterns like area rugs or throw pillows is a great way to add dimension to your room and make it appear larger. Bring this technique to your newly minimal space by sticking to neutral tones. Layer a patterned rug over a neutral style, like a jute rug. This will create that dimension you are after without overwhelming the space. For throw pillows, bring the patterned style to the front, and layer it with a solid neutral pillow in the background.

Subtle Wall Art

You can still achieve a beautiful gallery wall while maintaining minimalism. Just be sure that you use sleek frames to keep the eye’s focus on the piece or art or photography. A simple black frame is a stark contrast or go for a neutral wood tone that creates a rustic look.

Depending on your desired level of minimalism, we suggest sticking to subtle abstract art pieces to keep the energy flow of your space. This will allow the eye to move across the whole room, rather than getting stuck on one piece. If you like a more rustic look, try hanging wicker baskets on the wall for a natural collage. For photographs, try printing black and white copies to keep things minimal and cohesive.

Minimalism might be the perfect way to reduce clutter and showcase decor pieces you really love. Whether you want your space to be function-focused, or you have wiggle room for more fashion items, this could be great for your home! Share your transformation with us using #MyAshleyHome on Instagram. You might even see your home on our feed! 

If you need some more inspiration for your minimalist makeover, head over to our Pinterest boards. Find design ideas that bring minimalism and your design style together in your home.