There is amazing power in outdoor seating to transform a yard or patio. Today’s loveseats, loungers, and complete sectionals go beyond the basic patio seating that was once available. If you haven’t updated your outdoor living space in a few years, it’s time to give the space a little love and attention. Ashley is here to help with some of the best options in modern outdoor seating. If you’re on the hunt for new patio furniture, backyard benches, and more, explore our guide to your options.

Long-Lasting Materials

High-quality outdoor furniture will easily last multiple seasons with only basic care. It’s largely the materials used for outdoor seating that determine how long it will last. Coated metal, genuine wicker, resin materials, and hardwoods all last the longest. Natural weather resistance helps woods like teak and ebony look great for years. Of course, you’ll still need to clean and cover all outdoor furniture to help it last as long as possible. No matter the material, a patio furniture cover is the best way to prepare all types of seating for winter or other prolonged periods without use.

Types of Outdoor Seating

There are so many options for outdoor seating that there’s a way to relax that fits every space. From the smallest balcony to the biggest backyard conversation pit, you’ll find it all here at Ashley.


Chairs make up the backbone of individual seating options in the backyard or on the patio. Basic dining chairs may feature cushions but are often armless, while club chairs are more plush and designed for support. Reclining lounge chairs are essential to invite guests to truly unwind. Most outdoor decorating ideas call for combining both individual seating like outdoor chairs with combined seats like benches and couches for a diversified mix of seating options.

Couches and Sectionals

Keep your family and friends close with outdoor sectionals that can seat four, five, or more. Smaller couches may match benches and chairs for a cohesive look across the entire outdoor space. These comfortable and inviting seating options are an excellent choice for patios, fire pits, and porches where you like to start your day. The extra padding can keep you comfortable if you enjoy setting up a screen and projector for movie nights in the backyard.


Smaller than couches but still supportive with back sections and arms, loveseats make the most of balconies and small patios. They also fill in spaces between larger sectionals or tie together clusters of individual chairs. Some loveseats are convertible and serve as recliners or chaise lounges as well. Consider convertible outdoor seating options or designs that include storage if you’re working with limited square footage. Make sure the cushions or padding on these seats provide the amount of comfort you need for a long brunch or chat with friends.

Dining Seating

Outdoor dining is one of the top reasons people visit their local Ashley store to find new seating arrangements. You can arrange a set of matching chairs around a durable dining table for a more formal feel or try communal benches for a more relaxed environment. Don’t forget about your outdoor bar seating options as well when designing for entertaining. Bar-height stools and chairs will encourage your guests to linger and make the most of your backyard oasis.

Fire Pit Seating

If you’re one of the millions of homeowners who dream of a fire feature on your patio, you’ll need seating with fire resistance. Sparks and errant coals can cause a serious fire if you don’t select products with the proper treatment on soft surfaces. All metal seating is an option of course, but make sure the cushions you add are rated for use around fire. If you install a propane fire pit or feature that doesn’t produce sparks and coals, you’ll find that most outdoor seating is perfectly safe to place around it.

Daybeds and Chaise Lounges

In addition to reclining lounge chairs, the chaise lounge or daybed offers a perfect place to recline while enjoying fresh air and the beauty of nature. Napping or reading a book has never been so refreshing. It’s also easier to get the whole family out in the backyard together when you have fun spaces like these scattered around. As with couches and sectionals, you’ll want to look for supportive and deep foam filling, so you’re always supported when reclining.

Furniture Sets

Conversation sets are a popular way to decorate a patio or other outdoor space in a hurry. These small sets include a mix of chairs, surfaces like tables, and sometimes matching benches or storage containers. Some outdoor furniture sets may even include accessories like matching patio umbrellas. There’s no need to worry about getting matching furniture when you choose a set from the start.

Measuring Your Space

Make sure you get accurate measurements of your outdoor space, including any doors you may need to pass through if the space is a balcony or otherwise enclosed area. Large sectionals, outdoor sofas and loveseats may not fit in smaller spaces.

Finding High-Quality Outdoor Seating Options

Look for materials that don’t need a lot of maintenance to stay looking new. Softer woods may fade or need sealing every year, while teak and coated wicker can last years with only a wipe-down. Outdoor seating options with removable cushions allow you to swap out the upholstered padding when necessary for a quick refresh. Finally, don’t forget thick and durable furniture covers to ensure your outdoor furnishings don’t face extra weathering over the winter.

Ashley can guide you to a modern and comfortable outdoor seating solution for every patio, outdoor dining area, and fire pit. Make the most of your property by expanding out of the home and into nature with the best seating for every situation.