Summer is just around the corner, and we can all agree that some sunshine is well-deserved. As we approach the season of beach balls and heat waves, we are noticing that our outdoor spaces need a revamp. After months of braving the cold, cloudy weather, we think it is time to give our patio furniture a necessary upgrade.

To help you get started on your outdoor area makeover, we compiled our favorite look books to inspire you. We asked our Interior Design team to create spaces that you and your whole family will love while enjoying the summer Sun. They flexed their design skills to show you the potential of your backyard. Check them out! 

Find Family Time Outside

Without the structure of a school and extracurricular schedule, your family might be feeling stir crazy… So, bring the whole gang outside! Add coffee tables to serve delicious treats during snack time. They also function as art activity tables, just remember to lay out newspaper to protect the furniture from paint or crayons.

You can even make a special area for your kids to gossip and enjoy their time outside. Set up activity areas on the deck and challenge your kiddos to draw what they see in the backyard. This could be the garden you’ve planted, or a bird they see perched on a tree branch. Let their imagination reach the clouds! 

Serve Looks (And Dinner) Outside!

Summertime barbecues look a little different this year, but delicious seasonal meals have not been canceled.

Make your summer-time dinners more homemade by planting herbs and place them in a standing planter! It will add vibrant décor to the space, and you can use them in your recipes!  Our favorite summer herbs are fresh-tasting varieties like cilantro, mint and basil. Share your favorite recipes below!

Another décor tip is to add string lights to create the romantic ambiance of your favorite bistro! If you stay out past sunset, don’t forget to add candles to keep pests away. We’ll pretend like it’s for the restaurant-like atmosphere. 

No Alarms During Summer

There’s nothing more relaxing than a summertime snooze in the shade. If you love taking naps, adding a hammock to your backyard space might be perfect for you!

Don’t forget cozy accents like a warm blanket and a pillow to support your head during your much-needed siesta. For days you aren’t using the sleeping spot, remove the hammock and place it in storage to protect it from summer showers. 

Living Your Best Outdoor Life

With the days getting longer during the summer months, we all want to take advantage of every moment. Revamp your outdoor living space for days by the pool and for family nights brought out of the house. Charades at sunset? Game night has never looked so serene. 

Give yourself ample room to stretch out and give yourself a front row seat to summer spectacles like warm sunsets and star-filled evenings. If the temperature drops at night, add a table with a fire pit feature to keep you toasty. We also suggest keeping marshmallows on hand if you need a smores snack!

A Nature-Filled Conference Room

Let’s clock in from our outdoor spaces! There’s no better Zoom video call background than sunshine and your patio area. Hit the reset button during the work week by taking your essentials outsides and creating a work station. Just remember to keep your electronics in a shaded area to avoid overheating.

According to an article from Mental Floss, there are so many benefits to spending time outside, and they can even help you with your daily tasks. Besides providing the body with a natural source of Vitamin D, being outside is shown to boost energy, promote creativity and restore concentration.

Small Spaces with Big Views

Even if you don’t have a lusciously expansive outdoor space to renovate, you can still maximize what you have with a refresh. Small outdoor areas like balconies and porches allow you to take in the sights and sounds of the neighborhood. Your studio apartment might feel cramped at times, so step outside for some fresh air!

Focus on comfy seating when decking out your balcony space. If you want to bring more of the outdoors to your urban patio, add faux plants! They will withstand the colder months and keep your space adorable all year.

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