Have you ever had an outfit that was nice but didn’t quite have the look you wanted? Then, you added a belt or a necklace. Or maybe you picked up a great handbag or some stylish kicks, and voila, your basic outfit turned into a stunner. You didn’t have to replace the whole outfit; rather, you just added some special touches. Home decor involves a similar process. Just as accessories can completely transform a basic outfit, the accessories you display in your home can give it a total revamp. Try some or all of these home decorating ideas on a budget without going back to square one.

How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

New wall art and mirrors change the appearance of your home and make it uniquely yours. This is also a quick, inexpensive way to change up your home decor on a budget. To incorporate new wall art, first measure your available wall space. Then, choose artwork that fits the space without covering the entire wall around it. Keeping the art in proportion to your open wall allows you to showcase the piece without overpowering your room’s theme. If you have a room or an area in a room that tends to be dark, hanging a mirror in the dark space can be a way to brighten it up. Mirrors reflect light, so you get a brighter space without needing to install a new light fixture or pick up an extra lamp.

How Throw Pillows Add to Your Decor

Throw pillows can quickly change the appearance of the family room, den, or even the bedroom. There are many ways to use throw pillows when furnishing your home on a budget. One throw pillow idea is to choose a set in a color scheme similar to the upholstery on your sofa. This keeps the overall color scheme in the room the same but gives the seating a fresh, new appearance. Another way to use throw pillows is to select a set in an unexpected color or pattern that stands out. You can simply search for another color in the room that you want to draw out — such as a shade of blue in a painting or the orange of a flower pot — and pick a throw pillow in that color. This creates a bold contrast and an energizing decorative accent.

Welcoming Window Treatments

Like throw pillows, window treatments instantly change the overall aesthetic in a room. If your room tends to feel chilly in winter and hot when temperatures climb, consider thermal curtain panels. For a room that feels too dark, choose a light color and light fabric to create a more open, airy space. Try shades for a polished effect, or curtains with valances to achieve decor with a farmhouse style. You can choose colors and patterns by sticking with the main color theme of a room or mixing it up with panels that bring out an understated color. For example, your blue curtains could match your dining chairs or highlight a particular shade of red in an area rug to make that color stand out.

The Effect of Wallpaper

Want to make a fast, major change to your decor? New wallpaper provides one of the quickest home decorating ideas on a budget and gives a fresh look to any room. Consider a brick-themed wallpaper for the kitchen, fruit-themed wallpaper for the dining area, and elegant scrollwork or flora wallpaper for the family room and bedroom. Wallpaper adds the illusion of texture as well as great colors and charming patterns. If you prefer the finished effect of traditional unpasted wallpaper, Ashley has choices in many beautiful colors and designs, so you can choose the style and effect you desire. If you’re new to hanging wallpaper and want to make sure there’s no sticky paste to clean up, we have you covered. Opt for peel-and-stick wallpaper, and you won’t get the mess that comes with installing the traditional type.

How Much to Spend on Home Decor

Planning a budget for home decor is a personal thing, but we would like to suggest some ways to stretch your decorating dollars. For pieces you want to change seasonally —such as autumn-hued throw pillows or holiday decorations —look for inexpensive items you can store between seasons. Planning how to decorate your home on a small budget doesn’t always mean buying the lowest-priced item. For items you’re likely to leave on display throughout the seasons, such as curtains or wallpaper, choose what you love. That way, you’re investing in the pieces that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

How to Furnish a New Home on a Budget

Looking for ideas on how to decorate a new home on a budget? Take advantage of open tablespaces and empty corners by adding baskets and faux plants. A small basket on a side table pulls double-duty as an organizing tool if you use it to hold small items that might otherwise clutter the tabletop. Consider rolling washcloths for the guest bathroom, tucking them in a basket, and placing it beside a stylish soap dispenser. Add a natural touch to a room by choosing faux plants to display. Faux plants are available in potted styles, and as wall hangings, so you can put them wherever it makes the most sense in your home.

Budget-Friendly Accessories That Make a Big Impact

When considering how to decorate a home on a low budget, flooring offers another option without investing a lot of money. Our selection of throw rugs includes something for every room in the house. These rugs come in a variety of colors, so you can choose a style that blends into existing decor or one that stands out as a vibrant element. Select a rug that adds visual appeal and texture for an elegant decor theme. Try a whimsical-themed rug for a child’s room. Pick up an indoor/outdoor rug for an entryway or patio area. When you’ve selected the rug that offers the look you want, check the dimensions of your floor space to make sure your new rug fits perfectly in your home.

Have you ever walked into a room and looked around, then taken a deep, happy sigh because being there feels so comforting? The personal touches you get from incorporating these budget-friendly redecorating ideas will take a room to the next level by giving it that special feeling of “home.” Additionally, you can have a lot of fun when furnishing a home on a budget because small changes make a huge impact!