It’s Valentine’s Day! When love blooms, even the most unlikely pairs are brought together. We adore a good love story, especially when it creates a beautiful home. Check out these design couple goals that will have you singing love songs for your space. 

Shine Together 

Metallics make our hearts melt when they brighten up a living space. Layering high-shine pieces create a glamorous look in any room of your home. With its light-reflecting effect, using metallics is a great way to liven up an area that might not receive enough sunshine.

Dining Delight

If the kitchen and dining area is the heart of your home, invest in adorable barstools! Find a counter-height option to create a front-row seat to Saturday morning breakfasts and family night dinners. It’s also a great sous chef station. 

Opposites Attract

To discover your dream home, experiment with multiple interior design aesthetics. Combine bohemian accents with vintage-inspired pieces for an eclectic layout that speaks to you!

We love using Pinterest to plan out unique spaces through mood boards! Mis-match design styles like mid-century modern, minimal, and more to find your perfect fit. You’ll never know what you can make in your home when you let pins play Cupid!

Meant to Be

Sometimes a simple space comes together beautifully. Even if you don’t believe in true love, we can all agree that the perfect space is worth searching for. When creating spaces, like a bedroom, keep essential pairings in mind to complete the space. Always have dimensions on hand when selecting nightstands and bed frames to find a couple that works well together.

When you find a forever fit, tie the room together with assets that speak to the style of your bigger pieces. If you’re creating a rustic-inspired space, use purposefully-distressed pieces and natural accents to finish the space. 

Share the perfect pairings in your home with us! Use #MyAshleyHome on Instagram to possibly be featured on our feed. If you need more inspiration to discover your perfect space, browse our Pinterest boards.