Let your décor do something for your space and serve the purpose of your home. We love incorporating features that combine form and function whenever possible. Make your home a fashionably functional space by fitting poufs, benches and ottomans to provide additional seating, storage or aesthetic benefit! Let us show you how to use three of our favorite multifunctional pieces.

Pouf Positive

Although similar to the tried and true beanbag, poufs are sturdier in construction and offer a more stylish look. More versatile than any chair or table, poufs are quickly becoming one of our favorite décor elements. Place a pouf at the foot of the bed and you have a chic seat for when you get dressed. Need extra surface space for bedside reading materials? Sounds like a job for the pouf!

Poufs compliment any home aesthetic or design style you wish to emulate in your space. Stick with a neutral tone to create a cozy space or add a pop of color that brightens things up. Poufs also come in a variety of textures, so you can play up your look with textiles.

Bench Warmer

Need additional storage and space at your entryway? Add a bench! It offers a convenient spot for last minute touch-ups before you head out the door. Some varieties even come with additional storage for items like umbrellas, reusable shopping bags or rain boots! But a bench can prove useful beyond the entryway, too. Simply slide it into the living or dining room to accommodate extra guests during parties or holidays.

Whether playing a supporting role in your space to help you get dressed and out the door, or giving visitors a stylish perch, try incorporating this feature into your home.

Ottoman Empire

If you are looking for the perfect accent to your sofa, it might be tough choosing between a coffee table or an ottoman. You want to create a space that is comfortable, but also has function for your lifestyle. While coffee tables offer a handy spot for setting drinks and snacks, they’re less accommodating to those who want to prop their feet up.

To increase the functionality of the ottoman, style is with useful and adorable pieces. Place a tray to have a steady spot for your drinks and snacks during a movie night. Or place a blanket or towel over the top to recreate the look of a picnic inside!

The way you accessorize a space can truly make the difference between furnishing a house and creating a home. Find the best fit for you and your space with stylish accents that function for your family. We want to see the looks you create with these tips and suggestions! Use #MyAshleyHome on Instagram to showcase the space and possibly be featured on our feed. You can also find more home décor inspiration on our Pinterest boards.