With each new season, Mother Nature gives you the opportunity to renew the natural beauty of your home and redecorate in style. And those who love pumpkin spice will agree: nothing compares to the joys of decorating for fall! When fall arrives, focus on introducing charming accents to every part of your home from the outside in. Take inspiration from the changing leaves and the arrival of tasty harvests like pumpkins and apples. Color palettes of gold, deep orange, and rich shades of leather and taupe really capture the calming essence of outdoor fall decor. It’s easy to transition into winter and holiday decor as well with carefully selected seasonal details.

No need to lean on Halloween for all your large outdoor fall decorations. The whole family can get involved in picking out their favorite natural details or cozy accessories that make the most of chilly evenings around a fire pit. Celebrate the changing leaves and the cooling temperatures with outdoor fall decor tips from Ashley Furniture.

Fall for This Outdoor Fall Decor

Start with yard and curbside decor to create a visual celebration of fall that greets everyone driving by. Chrysanthemums in baskets, planters or decorative painted buckets help add color and life around the mailbox. It’s one of the traditional outdoor Thanksgiving decor ideas you can really make your own with a little customization. Choose pastel mums with muted colors for a more refined look, or focus on planters that showcase your unique personality. If you’re embracing a full rustic outdoor autumn decor theme this year, don’t forget your straw bales and dried corn arrangements. Add bold bursts of color between these natural details to give everything modern curb appeal.

Work with how your landscape changes in the fall rather than trying to fight it. The best autumn outdoor decorating ideas draw from Mother’s Nature palette, so consider if you have predominantly yellow, orange, brown, or red foliage around the home. Mint green and brown go well with orange and yellow foliage, while teal and white accents really make red leaves pop. Take inspiration from farms and farmer’s markets by putting up some harvest-themed signs directing Thanksgiving guests or encouraging visitors to take in the fall foliage.

Fall Porch Decor Ideas

Moving onto the porch, it’s time to consider the seating and make it cozier and more welcoming in cool weather. Toss a few new throw pillows onto any porch benches or chairs, along with throws in fall colors and patterns. In areas where winter weather is mild, this can help encourage more enjoyment of the porch areas all the way through to spring. Aside from seating options, consider the doormat or porch rug you’re using. Switching to one with a fall foliage theme or warm colors will set the tone for anyone entering the home. Other front porch fall decorating ideas include hanging bunting to celebrate the arrival of the season or swags made with colorful leaves, acorns, and apples.

If you’re a big fan of pumpkins, decorative gourds, and other squash with seasonal flair, the porch is the perfect place to stack them in playful arrangements. Keep pumpkin accents around the curbsides and mailbox to the symbolic rather than the physical. A hammered metal pumpkin-shaped decoration is more likely to last and stay intact than a real pumpkin. Unless you live in a neighborhood with a lot of foot traffic and little yard space, gourds stacked on the porch should be safe from being taken or stomped. Don’t forget the opportunities to go beyond the usual orange pumpkins. Colorful gourds, white pumpkins, and painted designs all help spice up front porch fall decor.

When to Start Decorating Outside for Fall

Timing your transition from the last of summer’s decorations to outdoor fall decor is easier than you might think. First, consider when fall actually begins in your area. It’s usually best to time the execution of your biggest outdoor fall decor ideas to the weeks when tree colors just begin to change. In an area where there’s little leaf color change, time decor changes to follow along with drops in temperature. Of course, the nearing arrival of fall celebrations like Halloween or Thanksgiving is another timing consideration for redecorating.

Some improvements for your outdoor space for fall should begin before temperatures drop or the holidays near. For example, make sure your outdoor lighting is working properly during the end of summer. Waiting until leaves fall to cover wiring will only complicate any needed repairs or upgrades. Good outdoor lighting is the key to showing off your big outdoor decorations like inflatable holiday displays and arrangements of pumpkins and sunflowers.

How to Decorate Your Porch for Fall

The final part of the outdoor fall decor puzzle is the front door. Putting the finishing touches on your yard and porch upgrades requires choosing the perfect fall wreaths. Farmhouse fall porch decor remains trendy, especially for front porch accessories. Try a wreath featuring harvest themes for a fall decoration that will hold out until the snow begins to fall. Dried ears of corn, apples of all colors, and even faux bunches of grapes all remind us of the bounty of the season. For a rustic look that’s not so focused on fruits or vegetables, consider wreaths with bundled straw, real or faux leaves in autumn colors, or elegant sprays of wheat. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the circular wreath when choosing fall outdoor door decorations. Hanging tapestries, door frame swags, and even lanterns and candle holders with a seasonal theme can all brighten up a front door in a new way.

Make the most of autumn’s beauty by dressing up your home’s exterior with some outdoor fall decor. Ashley has everything you need to embrace the arrival of fall with a little strategic accessorizing. Dress up your front door, your mailbox, and more with seasonal accents and new outdoor furniture.