Decorate Your Dinner Table for Christmas

The holiday season is a beautiful time for everybody to get together. It’s a chance to take life slow, catch up on everyone’s year, and cherish each other’s company. If you celebrate Christmas, dining together is often part of the celebration.

As you get ready for guests to arrive, each room in your home receives a transformation with new wintry decorations and Christmas-themed accents. Christmas table decor can also add to the beauty of the occasion and make your meals more enjoyable. What kinds of Christmas dinner table decor should you choose? How do you find the proper setup to make your ideas come to life? Here’s some inspiration to help you find your next favorite Christmas table arrangement.

Essential Christmas Decor for Dining Rooms

At Ashley, we have a variety of Christmas decor that can transform your entire home into a winter wonderland. If you need to kickstart some ideas for an upcoming Christmas dinner, here are some essentials for the occasion.

  • Table Runners & Tablecloths: Turn any table into a beautiful Christmas masterpiece with an attractive tablecloth topped with a runner. This is a great way to keep table surfaces clean and make post-party cleanups a snap. You can opt for a crisp white tablecloth with an ornate runner or glam it up with sparkling and dazzling patterns. If you find yourself with a dining room table that isn’t to your liking, a tablecloth can elevate its appearance. Tablecloths can also enhance ordinary fold-out tables for extra guests.
  • Cloth napkins and napkin rings: Special dining occasions call for something beyond ordinary paper napkins. Cloth napkins are eco-friendly, attractive, and easy to wash and reuse. You may also choose to place fancy paper napkins with napkin rings to keep things simpler.
  • Centerpieces: An epic meal deserves epic treatment, and a beautiful vase of flowers or ornament in the center of the table is a tasteful way to tie everything together. There are so many ways to create an aesthetic focal point at your dinner table with centerpieces, so have fun and browse the many options here at Ashley.
  • Candles: There’s something magical about having candles at the table during an extraordinary meal. The effects will be dazzling whether you illuminate your table with tea lights or kid-friendly LED candles.

Whether you want to keep it simple with a sparkly white tablecloth, a few candles, and snowman figurines, or go all out with a few bouquets of winter blooms on top of a cascading satin tablecloth, your Christmas dinner is going to be as unique as you!

How to Decorate Your Table for Christmas

When your guests arrive for dinner, your table’s arrangement will set the stage for a special event. By decorating it well, there will be much anticipation in the air. Your guests will also see how much care you put into the meal and feel the love. There’s no one rule to decorate your table correctly since there are so many ways to make a stunning dinner arrangement. Here are some tips to keep your table functional and tasteful.

  • Kick out the clutter: Too many centerpieces and baubles can get in the way of the main event. If your decorations interfere with the meal, it may be time to remove a piece or two. After all, nobody wants to be “the one” who knocks over a tall vase while passing the gravy.
  • Keep it safe: If you have small children coming to the dinner who aren’t careful around a fire, then you should switch to LED lights or keep burning candles out of reach, such as on a fireplace mantel. Anything ultra-delicate and breakable shouldn’t be accessible if there are small children at the table. Ashley has the perfect Christmas lanterns and candle holders!
  • Keep it real: When you know yourself, you can find the heart of your home decoration style. Show your guests the beauty of your authentic self by choosing decorations that speak to you. Whether you want to go full-on sparkle and glam or traditional red, white, and green with Santa sleigh centerpieces, you’ll be the proudest one at your table when it’s totally “you”!

Christmas Dinner Table Decor Ideas

If you’re here, you’re probably in need of some tried-and-true Christmas table inspo. Without further ado, here are some Christmas table decor ideas that are sure to please when you need to make a plan ASAP.

  • Use foliage as decorations: The front door wreath can be taken to a new level when you use a Christmas garland as a table runner or a base for a floral centerpiece. Hang these over doorways and above the fireplace, where they can enhance the room’s beauty.
  • Farmhouse magic: Bring rustic charm into your dining room when you integrate organic elements with Christmas decor. Thin log discs make excellent centerpiece bases and look picture perfect with a traditional red-and-black flannel tablecloth. Complete the look with vases of seasonal flowers and some vintage pottery-like gravy bowls and butter dishes.
  • Let it snow: Monochromatic dining decor is refreshing and fun, especially when you can tell a story with it. Turn your tablescape into a snowy wonderland with a white table cloth, vases of white seasonal flowers, and snowflake decor, then top it all off with some sparkles!

These suggestions are just the beginning of what you can do with the Christmas dinner table decorations available at Ashley. Have fun with your dinner plans and pick what feels right for you.

How to Make a Festive Table Centerpiece

Centerpieces are the heart and soul of your table arrangement, so everyone will notice when you put great care into them. You can either buy an already made centerpiece or create one yourself through various crafting materials. Since flowers easily fit into nearly any design concept, many people prefer to bring home fresh seasonal blooms and make their own arrangements in a vase. Though, ordering a professionally made one can save time and eliminate any guesswork with vase selection.

You may also prefer to skip the flowers entirely and place a seasonal figurine or garland in the middle of the table as your centerpiece. This is similar to placing a cornucopia in the middle of the table for Thanksgiving. As long as it’s on theme and close to your heart, you can’t go wrong with a centerpiece that tells a story and makes everybody at the party feel festive.

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