Your kids change every day. With every mile-high growth spurt, every new hobby and every life milestone your child evolves. Create a space that grows with your child and always makes them feel at home. Work with your child to achieve a room that helps them express their individuality, and we want to help you get started!

With the help of our Interior Design team, we’ve created some bedroom looks for your child at any stage of life. From a cozy nursery that serves as their first space, to the bohemian bedroom that they jam out to their favorite music in, and everything in between. Check these out!

A Nursery for Your Newborn

Keep your nursery neutral as you welcome a new addition to your family. This will allow you to transition certain pieces into their space as they age, or into other rooms. Natural accents and textures will keep the room airy and cozy for the little one to sleep soundly. Textures like linen and jute are great ways to bring that vibe to the nursery. Add faux greenery that will stand the test of time. And don’t forget plush pieces like pillows, throw blankets and plushies! 

A Music Festival Vibe for Your Teen

You’ve blinked and now your child has transformed into a young adult! Create a space that will help them relax after school and be the perfect hang out spot for them and their friends. 

When creating a boho-inspired space, don’t be afraid to play with colors and layer patterns. Keep the overall color palette consistent and find ways to compliment your neutral pieces. In our look book, you will find pops of teal, burnt orange and red. These colors appear in layered patterns, but tie in the space. 

Shared Spaces for the Kids

Navigating a shared space for your kids might seem tricky. You want each child to feel comfortable in their space and like they have a place to themselves. Try bunk beds! Each child can decorate the wall next to their bunk to reflect their personalities. 

And with this bed style, you won’t need to worry about stepping on building blocks when you walk in! Keep things organized with a set of bins that slide under the bottom bunk. And going with a bunk bed style will give your kids more space to play in their room, and will make things look more open. 

The look book above shows how you can create a bright space for your kiddos using geometric patterns and fun colors! And don’t forget to set up a study space for homework time. 

The Perfect Playroom

If you have the space in your home, create a playroom for your kids! This will help them separate fun time from bedtime, and can keep the rest of your house more organized. Storage bins can also help with tidiness as you sort out your child’s favorite playtime partners. 

In our look book, we show you how to create a magical forest in your child’s space with the help of faux trees. And of course, we couldn’t forget to add plushy friends to enjoy the adventures. 

If you create the perfect kid’s bedroom, share it with us by using #MyAshleyHome on Instagram! Your photo might even be featured on our feed. To find more inspiration for your child’s bedroom, check out our Pinterest boards!