Add a punch of eye-catching sophistication along the stairs. Use permanent or seasonal garlands to decorate your banisters and find out how easy it is to change them for holidays.


Burlap, branch or twig garlands are an ideal way to capture the modern rustic look along your staircase and can be used year-round. Go online to find ready-made garlands or discover how easy it is to make them yourself. When crafting them, you can incorporate whatever raw materials you want−rope, dried grapevine, willow branches and twigs of every kind. All work beautifully together and best of all—some can be found in your own backyard. Embellish with ribbons, twine or brown-cord string lights for a romantic feel. The possibilities are endless. Whether you decide to purchase or make garlands, neutral colors are key. Rustic charm is best achieved with use of natural elements in creamy whites, browns and other earthy colors.

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Once your garland is decorated to your liking, it’s time to hang it up. Wrap, bend and drape the garland along the banister, securing with twine, to create a casual, informal look. Individual decorated boughs can also be attached to the posts for a dramatic look.


An alternative to permanent garlands is to use a different one for each season. Use specific colors of burlap, ribbons, glittered curly ting and natural elements that match the time of year.

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Use pine green, white or frosted blue colored burlap and ribbon. Look for artificial garlands that incorporate winter elements without creating a Christmas look.

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Use blue, coral or pastel-colored burlap and ribbon. Look for artificial garlands that incorporate small- and medium-sized spring flowers.

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Option 1: Use red, white and blue colored burlap and ribbon. Look for artificial garlands that incorporate patriotic colors. These will last from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Option 2: Use green, yellow, orange or brown burlap and ribbon. Look for artificial garlands that incorporate ferns, ivy, sunflowers, daisies or any small- to medium-sized summer flower.


Use a red, orange and yellow colored burlap or ribbon. Look for artificial garlands that incorporate branches, colorful leaves, pinecones, fall flowers, sunflowers, small gourds and acorns.

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For each holiday, attach decorations onto your permanent or seasonal garland using green floral wire. From poinsettias, red berries and ornaments for Christmas to lilies and colored eggs for Easter, the possibilities are endless.

Complement your dazzling garlands with wreaths. Learn more about wreath decorating here.

Have you decorated with garlands? We’d love to hear any decorating ideas you may have in the comments section.