We have another virtual home tour for our XO Ashley readers! We are continuing our At Home with Ashley series to open the front door of our spaces and share anecdotes from our coworkers. In this edition, we are sitting down with interior designer, Joyleene Padilla. Joyleene has been at Ashley HomeStore for three years and has spent her time on the Social Media Team creating beautiful spaces for brand events and influencer collaborations. She brings her fun-loving, vivacious personality to work every day and it is evident in her creative design mood boards.

Take a look inside Joyleene’s path to becoming an interior designer, her work style and some of her favorite designs.

Getting Her Start in Design

From her days of redecorating and reorganizing her childhood bedroom, Joyleene said she has always gravitated toward home décor. However, channeling that passion into a full-time job wasn’t in the front of her mind.

“I’ve been obsessed with HGTV since high school,” she said. “But it wasn’t until my first year of college that I recognized interior design was my career path. I was actually studying to become a marine biologist.”

As a member of the Social Media Team at Ashley, Joyleene has had the opportunity to take her design work across the country and assist in a variety of projects. Her adventurous spirit is always up for the task, and relishes in her ability to create unique spaces.

“I love being on location and in my element. Oftentimes, I get so in the zone of styling, I forget to eat. But I love every second of that struggle. Seeing the look on my clients’ faces when they see the space complete is my absolute favorite part.”

Working with Clients

When it comes to curating spaces for work, Joyleene describes herself as a versatile designer. She says it’s important to stay impartial and focus on the needs and visions of her clients, but she does have her favorite aesthetics.

“Some designers specialize in a specific design style and find their niche market. I, myself, live for a good challenge so I try not to limit myself to a single design style,” she said. “But, I will say my two favorite styles to design in are mid-century and contemporary glam. They are both fun and interesting in opposite ways.”

Her client-focused way of designing gives her freedom to design spaces for the individual, rather than a fixed look. And this approach goes all the way to the smallest detail in a home. Joyleene believes that a client’s home should embody their personality and interests.

“I thoroughly believe your home is a reflection of you. So, when you enter your home you should be surrounded by things you love,” Joyleene said. “Whether that be a lot of knick-knacks or none that is up to you. But each item should make you smile.”

Re-purposing Classic Pieces

In her own home, Joyleene takes the time to find and collect vintage pieces that tell a story. She repurposes furniture items to give them a second life and an updated style. Her favorite piece of décor in her home hails from a thrift store.

“It’s an original Kipp Stewart Mid-Century Bench. I have always been an advocate for rescuing antique pieces. The quality of furniture coupled with the price plus repair is unbeatable,” she said. Click here to shop effortlessly versatile benches for any space in your home.

Joyleene’s home is a cozy nook full of family memories and comfy spots to snuggle with her two beagles. Just like her design work, she has created a place that is a true reflection of herself and what she loves.

Décor Creates a Home

Now, let’s get to designing! When it comes to big ticket pieces, Joyleene advises clients to stick with a neutral color palette and decorate the space to add color.

“When purchasing furniture, unless you really see yourself loving that bold sofa in a year or two, don’t do it… Accent pieces are so easy and affordable to change out and they really can give your space an entire new look and feel,” she said.

And for first time home decorators, stay true to yourself and have fun. When asked for the best advice for beginners, Joyleene said décor accents are like icing on a cake. Like the dessert, the icing of a home can completely change the look of the end product. And don’t worry, you always have the cake under the icing! And if you’re still having a hard time decorating your cake, start small.

“Never underestimate the power of a good throw blanket,” Joyleene said. “It’s functional and can add some fun texture and color to any space.”

You can explore our “At Home with Ashley” series by reading about the blogger behind XO Ashley and a member of our Interior Design team. We are so thankful for the opportunity to share the insights and stories from teams across the Ashley organization. We hope they continue to inspire you to bring adorable spaces to life.

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