When pondering the lazy days of summer, relaxing and sipping lemonade in the shade may come to mind, but as a busy mom, you know summer can be just as hectic as any other season. You still have to juggle getting the kids to sporting events, preparing meals, and taking care of all the regular household tasks.

Summer is the perfect time to throw open the shades, and one of our favorite summer decor trends— minimalism — makes it easy to embrace the simplicity of summer. The clean lines and neutral colors of this type of decor can help you relax after a day of running errands and taking care of everyone else. With minimalist decor, you’re in control. You can open up your living space by getting rid of things that create a cluttered feeling and keeping a few treasured items on display. This creates a cohesive theme in your home because it eliminates unnecessary things.

Plus, this peace-inducing style is easy to incorporate into every area of your home. In fact, the minimalist ideas that welcome the sunlight into your indoor space can add a summery feeling to outdoor areas too. Use minimalist ideas to set up your patio for outdoor entertaining and to make the most of every gathering.

Interior Design Trends for Summer 2022

Minimalist decor is one of the most popular summer interior design trends because its light, neutral hues embody the brightness of sunny summer days. Minimalism works with any decor style, such as modern farmhouse, industrial, bohemian, or rustic. Choosing a few pieces that speak to you while minimizing the use of accessories is one way to add a minimalist theme to your existing decor.

Have a particular style you love but also want to incorporate summer minimalism? Simply create the foundation of your decor with minimalist furnishings, then add contrast to showcase favorite pieces – like a set of rustic coffee and side tables.

Next, pick some stunning summer home accents, like area rugs, wall art, and sculptures, to add pops of color and a stunning summery theme to your home. The accessories you choose quickly become focal points in the room.

Want a conversation starter when guests come over to visit? Choose wall art or a striking sculpture that draws the eye and inspires interest.

2022 Summer Decor for Patios

With warm weather arriving, your family is likely to spend a lot more time outside. That makes summer a great time to take your decorating efforts outdoors as well. The same summer home decor trends that brighten up your home for summer work equally well for your patio area.

Choose neutral-colored patio furniture and side tables to provide comfortable seating and places to put beverages or your favorite magazines when you’re relaxing outside. Add a fire pit for a touch of warmth on chilly evenings or a grill to prepare your favorite summer BBQ treats.

Summer lanterns are illuminating rends that work indoors or outdoors. They lend a soft glow that adds ambiance when placed in seating areas. Subdued lighting along walkways also helps guests stay safe when walking through your backyard.

For a shimmering effect, display hanging lights to light up an area from a higher vantage point. Match your lanterns and candles to your decor with rustic styles or elegant shimmering finishes to get the look that’s a perfect match for your home.

2022 Summer Decor for Front Porches

Add curb appeal to your home by choosing the latest 2022 summer home decor trends for your front porch. For large front porches, add one or several of our ideas. For smaller ones, choose a couple of small front door decor items to brighten up the space for summer. Add a summer-y wreath to the front door or a contoured topiary at the side of the porch. Welcome guests — and make it easy for kids to wipe their feet before entering your home – by placing an outdoor summer rug in front of the door.

Need a place to sit and relax outdoors after dinner? Create a convenient place to sit by placing chairs with outdoor cushions on the front porch. Dedicate a place to store garden tools or children’s toys by purchasing a storage bench. Pair your front porch seating with a matching side table or two to create a place to put your drinks or snacks when you’re relaxing outside. Finally, don’t forget the summer tunes! Unleash your inner music aficionado by setting up outdoor speakers.

Go-to Guide to Summer 2022 Decor

The selection of accessories to complete your summer decor includes a wide variety of indoor and outdoor. It’s easy to get started no matter where you want to add your favorite personal touches.

Have the perfect living room seating and wish to update the decor for summer? Choose a few colorful throw pillows and blankets to infuse the room with extra energy.

Want to add the same kind of effect to your outdoor sofa? Check out the vibrant colors and patterns available in Ashley’s selection of outdoor pillows.

Or maybe you’re just hoping to draw attention to your prize begonias. Position outdoor sculptures in the areas of your garden where you want guests to linger and admire the results of your green thumb.

Want to bring an outdoorsy touch indoors? Choose strategic spots in your home to display faux plants in pots and foliage in vases.

Want guests to notice your elegant fabric curtains? Place a side table beside the window with a unique sculpture or eye-catching plant on the tabletop. Or, make the drapes — or the view from your window — into a focal point by placing wall sconces that make a statement. When lit, this showcases the window area. You can take the idea outdoors, too. If you want to section off an area of your porch or patio, you can hang up fabric drapes to help direct foot traffic.

Create Your Summer Style With Ashley

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Browse through the selection of stylish, beautiful summer decor to find pieces that deliver the brilliant, summery look you want. Or, stop by your nearest Ashley store to check out the latest summer trends and to get ideas for displaying them in your home.