How to Transition from Summer to Fall Décor

The transition from summer to fall is dramatic, with trees and shrubs putting on bold colors that display into the early winter. Your indoor seasonal décor changes should follow a similar pattern to match the outdoor beauty with your indoor décor. There’s no need for a complete overhaul of every room just to bring the spirit of late summer and fall inside. Small details and little touches of nature here and there will help you align your décor with the changing seasons. Embrace the transition from late summer décor with these tips from Ashley.

Start Outdoors With the Patio

The patio or porch around your front door is an ideal place to start your efforts to reflect the season. There are so many ideas for summer-to-fall transition décor that are best applied to an exterior area like a patio. Wreaths that encompass both late summer materials, like sunflowers, and fall highlights, like pine cones and colorful leaves, create a strong statement when added to a front door. Something as simple as adding cozy fall-colored throws to the seating on your patio indicates that fall’s arrival is imminent. Change out your summer-themed porch displays to prepare for the eventual transition into holiday decorations as well.

Late Summer Décor Ideas

Late summer still offers plenty of hot days and long evenings, but it’s undeniable that fall is on the way. It’s time to pull out the rich gold and warm orange colors and begin transitioning into autumn-themed décor. Soft white and beige details also help tie the late season together with the arrival of the next. Other popular late summer decorating ideas include:

  • Swap colorful glass accessories for amber or cobalt glass, which have richer appearances appropriate for the season.
  • Layer décor by adding cozy fall details on top of playful summer textiles, such as knitted throws and throw pillows tossed at the foot of a bed still dressed in light cotton bedding.
  • Soften the lighting in areas such as the dining and living rooms by incorporating more candles and fixtures like gas logs.
  • Embrace the return of cozy flannel by adding some plaid and check designs throughout the home.

Early Fall Decorating Ideas

Many late summer and early fall decorating ideas shy away from items associated with harvest festivals like pumpkins and ears of corn. But as the nights become chilly and the leaves change colors, it’s time to shift the balance to more fall décor. Consider swapping bright wall art for more somber neutral tones that help transition the space. Bringing in late-blooming flowers like mums and zinnias also adds beauty without falling back on the same old fall decorations. Experiment with apples, pears, and other fruits appropriate to the season. If you don’t want to deal with fruit that goes soft or spoils, consider wax and plastic replicas for the autumnal harvest look with less fuss.

Increase the Light

As the days grow shorter and the heat of summer disappears, it’s a great time to increase the level of light inside the home. New lamps, especially those with a warm and welcoming glow, are a great way to accomplish this. Lanterns and candles, even faux varieties that don’t have the risk of an open flame, are fun ways to boost indoor and outdoor lighting. Upgrading your permanent light fixtures is likely a little much just for a seasonal transition, so look for opportunities to quickly swap shades or covers to create a warmer exposure from existing fixtures.

The Power of Seasonal Scents

While the majority of home décor is designed to appeal to the eyes, you should also consider how the sense of smell plays into creating a seasonal motif in your home. Scented candles with an autumn theme are a good place to start. Late summer scents often include vanilla, dense florals, and ocean breeze-inspired combinations. For a scent profile that eases into fall, mix in pumpkin pie spice, campfire, and toasted marshmallow fragrances. Scent diffusers help you get an even amount of fragrance throughout the day without having to stick around to supervise burning candles.

Home Décor That’s Versatile for All Seasons

Of course, your late summer décor is likely only relevant to the weather outside for a few weeks out of the year. Most of your home décor needs to remain versatile enough that you only need minor updates each season to reflect the time of year. For example, using light woods and natural details throughout the home keeps your décor relevant through spring, summer, and fall. Neutral vases are quickly updated with a seasonal bouquet or display, reducing the need to replace everything on your side table. Make sure to plan storage space to pack away seasonal décor when summer and fall end.

Natural Elements for Summer-to-Fall Décor

One of the easiest and more affordable ways to herald the passing of the seasons in your home’s décor is to bring natural elements inside. Colorful fall leaves, dried stems of birch branches and cotton plants, cornucopias full of harvest vegetables, and even the classic pumpkins all help set the tone. For an end-of-summer display that isn’t too fall-themed, consider sunflowers interspersed with bold red broomcorn. It bridges both seasons nicely while creating a modern look that fits any home.

You don’t have to wait until the chill comes and the autumn holidays arrive to start decorating for fall. Adjust your home décor in the golden glow of late summer to greet the transition between seasons. By the time you’re ready to bring out the Halloween decorations, you’ll know exactly how you want to dress your home up for the holidays. Find everything you need to bring summer-to-fall style to your home with our accessories and décor options here at Ashley.