A wedding is a celebration of love and a new chapter in your favorite couple’s life. It’s also an invitation to help them set up their home in a way that reflects both this lovely milestone and their personalities.

Whether you’re in the wedding or just wishing the newlyweds well, wedding gifts carry an acknowledgment of this special moment, providing touchstones for the day and the opportunity for the couple to build new memories. That’s a tall order for any gift — but that doesn’t mean shopping for a wedding gift has to be stressful or stretch your budget to the breaking point.

People often ask, “How much should you spend on a wedding gift?” Etiquette experts say that depends on your relationship with the couple. The average cost runs about $50 to $100, but if you’ve known one partner or the other for years, think more about your connection than the price tag. If you find a unique wedding gift that calls back to your childhood or days as college roommates, for instance, that’s priceless.

We’ve pulled together a few suggestions for some wedding gift ideas that are fun, practical, and sprinkled with a little romance.

Check Out the Wedding Registry First

For guests searching for the best wedding gifts, a wedding registry is an invaluable resource. Traditionally, a registry is a place for the couple to highlight those everyday basics that reflect their style, such as cookware, dinnerware sets, and cutlery. Even if the couple has lived together for a while, they might want to replace and upgrade certain things for this new stage in their lives, such as glassware, flatware, and bedding. That’s why before buying a gift, consider what items are put on a wedding registry.

A registry is also a place where a couple might ask for something pricey or fanciful they otherwise wouldn’t purchase without such an occasion in mind — “special pieces that bring excitement,” as New York City event planner Jung Lee notes.

Best Gift Ideas for Newlyweds

Personalized wedding gifts — such as stationery for those upcoming thank-you notes or a keepsake ornament for their first big holiday together — are evergreen wedding gifts for couples. But we also like the touches that help make their home cozy and comfortable.

Upscale comforter sets — especially those that are reversible and machine washable — give their bedroom a whole new look. Add some accent pillows and candle holders, and help make their bedroom a relaxing retreat. Create a spa feeling for their bathroom with bathroom linens, plush bath towels, and decorative accessories.

Wall art that reflects their tastes and interests is another good option, whether you choose a painting, a mirror that can add character to any room, or a wall clock that makes a statement while marking their new time together.

Treat the foodie couple to new bakeware or a small appliance, such as an air fryer or coffee machine, along with new kitchen linens. If cocktails are more their style, why not give them a set of decorative trays  or bar furniture, such as a two-tier rolling cart  that moves easily from the kitchen to the dining room to the outdoors?

Speaking of the outdoors, an outdoor TV stand with a theater kit, including an inflatable screen, speakers, and a projection stand, is a sweet way to give the married couple a date night under the stars. Add throw blankets that are perfect for snuggling.

Wedding Shower Gifts

Wedding shower gifts traditionally focus more on the bride, but you can adapt these to the couple’s interests, too, feathering their nest luxuriously. For instance, a sculpture such as a globe nods at their travels together, while a cluster of metal calla lilies can keep their favorite blooms looking fresh and gorgeous.

On the more practical side, a set of solid wood hangers  is a thoughtful way to hang up those honeymoon outfits once they’re back home. Couples also appreciate picture frames, an accessory set  that includes frames, or a set of wall  shelves—all of which are attractive ways to display wedding photos and other mementos from this special occasion.

Wedding Gifts for the Bride

Any bride enjoys having a treasured place to hold her wedding ring and other jewelry, making a jewelry stand or a jewelry organizer a traditionally favorite wedding gift. Select a cushioned jewelry box or multi-tiered jewelry stand to display atop a dresser or vanity, or splurge for a separate jewelry armoire with several compartmentalized felt-lined drawers to protect all her favorites.

You also might choose from other gifts for her that speak to her lifestyle. Fresh desk accessories, for instance, such as a retro Bluetooth mouse of top-grain leather and a keyboard in a matching copper-tone finish, are inviting ways to welcome her back to work in this new phase of her life.

Extra closet storage is another thoughtful option, whether she needs a place to store a preserved wedding gown or simply needs room to grow. Consider a closet system that keeps both spouses’ clothes tidy, making getting ready for the day or unwinding for the weekend a breeze.

Wedding Gifts for the Groom

An accessory organizer is a considerate gift for the groom, too, giving him a place to display a watch or cuff links from the groomsmen or his beloved. While his buddies might treat him to a dart set or other gaming accessories, we prefer choosing other gifts for him that step up his entertaining game.

A new cocktail shaker, wine storage, or barware, for instance, are all gifts to savor whenever he and his spouse make a toast. Help him take the party outdoors with a new contemporary grill that combines grilling accessories with a fire pit. He can barbecue on a small patio or in a larger backyard, allowing plenty of space for guests. Then once everyone goes home, he can use it as an outdoor fireplace for some romantic sparks.

You also might treat him to a retro home accent, such as a Bluetooth speaker. Imagine accepting calls wirelessly while he’s at work, perhaps even a daytime check-in from his sweetheart — or toting it around the house to cue up their favorite songs whenever they’re in the mood for music.

Really, as long as your wedding gift comes from the heart, you can’t go wrong. Drop by an Ashley store near you to see what other ideas might inspire you.