It’s officially 2022! Now that we have closed the door on 2021 and the holiday season, we wanted to share some ways to keep the festive feelings around throughout the year. Just because the gifts have been given, doesn’t mean you can’t still unwrap more joy and excitement in your home!

To help you transition into this new decade, we have some tips for repurposing some of your favorite home features from the holidays into the rest of the winter months. Check it out!

Be Bright All Winter Long

We don’t spring forward into Daylight Saving Time until March 13th this year, so we thought it would be best to light up your home during the winter months. Use artificial lighting throughout your home to shine away the gray and gloom of the season.

Pendant lights are a great feature to add to your home to bring light to a room. Hang them above key features of your home like the dining room or couch to attract the eye. You can style them in a way to give the look of a sconce with an industrial edge.

Still have the lights from your holiday landscape? Use string lights and transition them to provide universal light during the winter. Hang them along the ceiling for a romantic ambiance that is perfect for a family movie night or an at-home date. You can also transition those lights into your outdoor area when the weather warms up. 

Say Goodbye to Post-Holiday Blues

Don’t pack up your holiday decor just yet! Your favorite bits and bobbles don’t have to collect dust throughout the entire year while they wait in the closet for the next holiday season. Reinvent some of the holly jolly pieces in your home to fit the rest of the winter months.

For instance, repurpose your holiday tree ornaments. Once the pine has said its goodbye to your festive space, use the bobbles as a centerpiece for your dining room table. Place your favorite pieces in a clear vase to become a delightful part of your tablescape. The bright hues will attract light and be a statement piece that reminds you of festive merriment.

Recycle the Greenery

For those of you who use festive foliage in your holiday decor, don’t throw it away! Preserve some of the branches and fir from your Christmas trees and use it in your winter decor. They can add dimension to floral bouquets on the mantle or entryway. You can also leave the stems by your shower in the bathroom to activate the essential oils to leave your space smelling like a woodsy tree farm! 

For a winter-time DIY project that is eco-friendly, take bushels of the tree and tie them to a thick string to create a natural garland. Or you can leave the stems by your shower in the bathroom to activate the essential oils to leave your space smelling like a woodsy tree farm! 

To use the living decor more sustainably, you can also repurpose pine needles as garden fertilizer. Once spring comes around, your home will be filled with seasonal greenery!

We hope you enjoy the new year and all the possibilities it can bring to your home! If you are planning to transform your home in 2020, share it with us by using #MyAshleyHome to possibly be featured on our Instagram. You can also find more inspiration for your space by browsing our Pinterest boards.