At Ashley HomeStore, we are always humbled when given the opportunity to lend a hand to help our community. Now more than ever, we are reminded of the importance of serving our neighbors in times of need. During this unprecedented time, we are doing what we can to keep residents across the communities in which we serve healthy and safe.

“Philanthropy has always been a strong pillar of our organization, which is more important now than ever,” Kelly Davis, Senior Director of Marketing Strategy at Ashley HomeStore. “We hope that our community outreach projects bring a little bit of light to our neighbors during this time.”

Tampa is a home to our Corporate Retail Headquarters, and we are proud to support our community, especially when they need it most. Recently, we were honored with the chance of partnering with the City of Tampa and Feeding Tampa Bay on their projects to serve the most-affected groups. To spread positivity during this time, we wanted to share these stories with you.

Ashley HomeStore Donates 250,000 Meals

Food insecurity is a growing issue among families and residents of Tampa Bay. Ashley’s donation of 250,000 meals will support the daily operation of Feeding Tampa Bay, which has seen a 40% increase in the need for their services following the impact of COVID-19.

“We are in the midst of a time when more people than ever before are facing challenges in getting the food and supplies they need,” said Thomas Mantz, President and CEO of Feeding Tampa Bay. “Ashley HomeStore is standing with Feeding Tampa Bay, giving us the ability to direct these crucial resources to our neighbors who need them most,” said Mantz. 

In addition to the regular services provided by the organization, Feeding Tampa Bay has seen a drastic increase in populations facing food insecurity. Due to school closures and stay-at-home orders for those at a higher risk of contracting COVID-19, there are more people reaching out for aid.

A growing number of students who received free or reduced meals during school are now at risk of food insecurity. And seniors have limited access to important resources. Through our contribution, we wanted to do our part to make sure these populations remain healthy.

A Partnership for Better Sleep

During preparation for a city-wide response to COVID-19, Tampa officials set in motion a project to provide the area’s vulnerable population with a place to shelter and sleep well. Understanding the importance of sleep for our overall help, we jumped at the opportunity to support this initiative. 

After organizing an expedited shipment from our distribution center in Ecru, Mississippi, our crews were able to quickly meet the needs of this project. On Saturday, our team unloaded 100 brand new mattresses and bed frames at Hillsborough Hope. The temporary camp was created to serve homeless individuals from across Tampa.

“Ashley HomeStore not only stepped up, they showed out. They not only donated 100 beds, but when they weren’t available locally they brought them in from Mississippi in just two days,” said Vanessa McClearly, Housing and Community Development Manager with the City of Tampa. “It is an amazing donation that shows true compassion and commitment to helping our community. We can’t thank them enough for being true corporate citizens,” said McClearly.

Through this initiative, the City of Tampa hopes the community can come together in support during this uncertain time. The project is also meant to alleviate the potential for spreading the virus, and to keep vulnerable populations safe. As a community partner in the Tampa Bay area, we were grateful for the chance to help residents receive a good night’s sleep during this time.

As COVID-19 continues to impact our communities, Ashley HomeStore is committed to helping those in need at any opportunity. 

“At this time, there are a lot of needs that must be met both in our communities and around the world,” said Greg Kammer, Executive Vice President of Retail & Sales Operations, Ashley HomeStore. “It is important for us to do our part, spread positivity and remind everyone that we are in this together.” 

We will share stories on our Instagram and Facebook pages during this time to promote positivity and a sense of community. We encourage that you reach out with your community service projects and show us how you are helping your neighbors. Use #ThisisHomeStories to possibly have your story featured on our feed.