There are so many reasons to celebrate the coming of spring. The weather is warmer, the snow is melting, the daffodils and tulips are blooming, and the days are getting longer. This season of renewal is also the perfect time for a spring home refresh. You can spruce up your home for spring with a few simple changes. In fact, simply incorporating bright spring colors, adding new seasonal furniture and accessories, and lighting up your outdoor space will revitalize your home’s stagnant decor.

Here are some great spring home improvement ideas to help usher in the new season:

Add a Little Brightness with Spring-Theme Fabrics

If you’re a northerner, you’re probably all too familiar with the drab, gray days of winter. On the flip side, that means it’s even more exciting to see the colorful flowers and green tree buds bloom in bright yellow, red, green, and purple hues.

You can give your home a refreshed appearance by adding touches of those same cheerful spring colors and pastels. For example, consider tossing a few colorful spring pillows on your couch or loveseat.

You’d be surprised at how easily you can elevate the entire look of your bedroom by simply changing your bedspread or comforter sets. Stick with floral patterns, vibrant hues, or muted pastels for a bright spring look. If duvets are more your style, invest in a few new duvet covers that you can change out with each season.

New window treatments can do wonders for livening up your living space. In winter, thick curtains help shelter you from cold drafts. Once spring rolls around, you may want to change out those insulated curtains for sheer drapes that let the sunlight stream in.

Spring rugs are great accent pieces for brightening up any room, whether it be an entry hall, living room, or patio. Plus, you can easily change the rugs out to match the seasons. For spring, pick rugs with bold colors that will really pop in your living space and revive your room.

Liven Up Your Decor

Another easy way to add a little life to your home is with the addition of flowers and plants. Many grocery stores sell tulips or daffodils that you can bring home for a sweet floral ambiance. Want your botanicals to last through the season? Gather potted spring flowers and plants that will thrive under your watchful care.

When choosing plants, make sure you pick ones that will flourish in the location you plan to put them. A sun-loving plant won’t survive very long if it is in a dark living room, far away from a window and precious light source. Alternatively, a low-light plant will wither if exposed to too much sun.

Spring is also a great time to get those creative juices flowing and pick out (or create!) new pieces of art. Sprinkle your home with colorful vases, sculptures, or accessories, and change out darker wall art for brighter art inspired by the spring season.

Creating a new look in the kitchen or pantry is as easy as switching out the hardware on your cabinets. If your cabinets have had brushed nickel handles since you moved into the house, consider switching them out for gold or brass finish handles. A slight change goes a long way in freshening up a room. For example, swapping your old lamps for a newer design also helps spruce up your home for spring. While often overlooked, new lighting options will give a room a whole new vibe!

Has it been a while since you’ve made any changes to your home? Make a bland room look brand-new with just one or two cans of paint. A quick weekend painting project will help create a space you’ll enjoy for years. If you’re unsure about committing to painting the whole room, paint just one accent wall to give the room a pop of color.

Reorganization = Revitalization

Could there be a more apt time to reorganize and declutter your home than the season of renewal? Try incorporating new and improved storage and organization options to get your home shipshape. Baskets are great for keeping common sources of clutter, from dog toys to spare winter blankets, wrangled and out of the way. Similarly, storage boxes and totes are inexpensive and aesthetically pleasing options to revamp your closets, as they keep daily items accessible and orderly.

Enliven Your (Furniture) Life

Spring is an excellent time to invest in that new piece of furniture you’ve had your eye on. You can use your tax refund to invest in a new couch, mattress, or lounge chair for your space. Adding just one or two new pieces to a room can completely update the look. Consider adding new end tables to your living room or trading out your old loveseat for a couple of lounge chairs.

Take a look at your living space and consider if there might be a better way to arrange things. Maybe you want to move your desk so that you can watch the birds at the feeder outside. Or perhaps you want to push your bed closer to the window so you can enjoy the sweet spring air while you sleep. Now’s the time to try some rearranging!

Update a Passé Patio

Warmer weather means you’ll be spending more time outdoors. There’s nothing better than having a comfortable outdoor space where you can relax during the long days of summer. Start with cleaning all your outdoor furniture and cushions, and then think about brightening up your patio or porch with outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting options like electric string lights or solar-powered lanterns help illuminate your outdoor space and provide an inviting atmosphere for summer gatherings. Adding an outdoor sectional set or a fire pit helps create a cozy and welcoming environment. By updating your outdoor space in the spring, it will be ready for you to enjoy throughout the summer.

Now that your patio is ready for guests, it’s time to consider how you welcome them into your home. Remember, wreaths aren’t just for Christmas! While you may have decorated your door with a holiday wreath in the winter months, try hanging a floral wreath or cheerful spring outdoor decoration to celebrate the season. You can even swap out the front doormat to compliment your door decoration. The front porch is also the perfect place to display plants and a rocking chair or bench.

Refresh Your Home this Spring with Ashley

Spring is arguably one of the best seasons of the year. It’s a time of renewal, new life, and beauty. You can carry this theme inside with simple steps to refresh your home’s design and decor. Ashley has a wide selection of furniture, lamps, window treatments, bedding, and more to help you spruce up your home for spring.